First Showing The Easiest Iron You’ve Ever Used


The Iron represents many months of painstaking research and testing to develop this last word for easiest ironing. It features a new Open Handle design which eliminates wrist strain, because it’s palm-fitted and thumb-free. Your hand always assumes a normal, relaxed position no matter where the Iron is on the board . . . in a long reach or a close-up stroke. As you palm-glide the Iron there’s never any strain on body, wrist or arm. Truly, it is the easiest Iron you’ve ever used.

. . . of course, it’s electric!


This is Easy Ironing Week At Your Westinghouse Dealer

Stop in and Ask Him for a Demonstration of This Amazing Iron.

Try This Thumb-Free Handle
Your wrist and hand are always relaxed, always at ease on the handle of this new Iron because there is nothing to get in the way of your thumb. It’s so easy to guide the Iron without strain . . . without effort.

Feel This Air-Cooled Handle
Your hand is sure to stay fresh and cool as you glide smoothly over clothes because there is nothing to carry the heat from the hot part of the Iron to the front part of the handle. It’s cooler, easier ironing.

So Easy to Roll Back
Just glide this Iron back in a normal ironing stroke and then roll it on the heel rest. To start ironing again, all you do is roll it over and you’re ready to go . . . without lifting . . . without strain . . . without effort.

Pockets and Pleats Are Easy
This new Open Handle permits you to glide the Iron all the way into pockets, to quickly dry out the underneath material without turning the garment over. It’s quick and sure for tucks and pleats as well.

The Iron That Clicks
Listen as you finger tip the easy-to-see dial. Hear it click? That’s an added feature for assurance of positive control and accurately measured heat at all times. You can see, feel and hear the dial click into place.

All-Around Button Edge
This feature makes it easy to iron under, around and between buttons. It speeds up ironing, too – only one stroke is needed between each two buttons and one finishing stroke alongside the row of buttons.

All This For Only $12.95

You can be sure . . . If It’s Westinghouse

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Electrical Appliance Co.
Andrews, S. C.

McLendon-Cummings Hardware Co.
Bishopville, S. C.

Farmer’s Supply Co.
Blaney, S. C.

Home Furnishings Co.
Camden, S. C.

Barnett’s Tire & Accessory Co.
Columbia, S. C.

Bridges Furniture Co.
Columbia, S. C.

Eckerd’s Drug Store
Columbia, S. C.

Phoenix Furniture Co.
Columbia, S. C.

Reamer Appliance Co.
Columbia, S. C.

Ruff Hardware Co.
Columbia, S. C.

Charlie Womack Company
Conway, S. C.

Barringer-McKeel Hardware Co.
Darlington, S. C.

Womack-Brown Company
Dillon, S. C.

Charlie Womack Company
Florence, S. C.

Zim King Electric Company
Georgetown, S. C.

McCormick & Britton Electric Co.
Myrtle Beach, S. C.

Buzhardt Furniture Company
Newberry, S. C.

Clark’s Furniture Exchange
Orangeburg, S. C.

Prosperity Furniture Co.
Prosperity, S. C.

Winnsboro Furniture Company
Winnsboro, S. C.

November 12, 1951  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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