Estridge Fills Kershaw Library Post

Camden, Aug. 2 – W. F. Estridge of Bethune was named as chairman of the Kershaw County Library board at the organization meeting held at the library building.

Mrs. C. R. Brown of Blaney was elected secretary.

Member of the new board include Mrs. Estridge, Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. John Croxton, Mrs. Emma Dolan, Mrs. J. Clyburn, Mrs. Lewis Truesdale, and Mrs. W. L. Goodale, the latter being appointed to the board when Mrs. F. H. Heath was unable to serve.

The Kershaw delegation was represented at the meeting by Representative Donald H. Holland.

The county library now has 20,000 books listed, some 10,000 beign for adult readers and an equal number for juniors. In addition, there are on deposit from the state library board 3,943 books.

During the year ending July 1, 1951, the library purchased 1,284 new books, while 163 were donated.

New registered borrowers druing the year listed 181 adults and 124 juveniles. The bookmobile added 59 adults and 68 borrowers to its total.

The county library circulated 16,034 books during the year. The bookmobile circulated 22,172, city unit 5,498 and the Bethune unit 908. These were all fiction, and for the adults the county library circulated 2,352, the bookmobile 6,124, the city unit 250, and the Bethune branch 128. In juvenile fiction the county circulated 10,373 fiction and 1,606 non-fiction books, for a grand total of adults and juveniles of 31,265. The bookmobile circulated 12,276 juvenile fiction and 2,460 non-fiction books for a grand total of 43,302. The city unit circulated 6,165 fiction and 220 non-fiction volumes for a grand total of 12, 133, while the Bethune branch circulated 1, 316 juvenile fiction and 211 non-fiction books for a grand total of 2,563. This brings the total circulation to 88,993.

In the matter of library cooperation with the schools, the report shows that books deposited in city schools totaled 1,792, in the county schools, 3,452; number of books circulated in the city schools, 22,230 fiction and 3,610 non-fiction; in county schools, 12,050 fiction and 5,210 non fiction; in county schools, 12,050 fiction and 5,210 non-fiction. THe total number of books circulated from the county library, city unit, bookmobile, Bethune branch and schools was 131,093.

The county library conducts a story hour every Friday afternoon in the county library for children from five to 12 years of age.

August 3, 1951  State (published as The State) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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