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Among those called for employment during the week were: Miss Margaret Shealy of Newberry, Miss Mary Francis Bobb of Columbia, Miss Amelia Hildebrand of Hagood, Miss Bernice Raunch of West Columbia, Miss Helen Holladay of Summerton, Miss Mary Olive Robertson of Barnwell, Miss Hattie Iseman of Hartsville, Mrs. Wyona Sanders of Blaney, Miss Margie Davidson of Columbia, Miss. Eva Briggs of Columbia, Mrs. Sadie Varn of Columbia, Miss Dolly Stokes of Camden, Miss Marjorie Horton of Heath Springs, Loring Hook of Columbia and Miss Edna Klugh of Columbia.

The special work that Miss Marjorie Boykin of College Place, Miss Lorene Bauknight of Columbia and Miss Jessie Anderson of Ridgeway were engaged in week before last continued throughout the past week. It is with one of the prominent mercantile establishments of the city.

Miss Marie Byrd of Branchville, Miss Annelle Truluck of Olanta, Miss Esther Diamond of Barnwell, Miss Eva Manning of Latta and Miss Margaret Wichman of Walterboro were called during the week to assist with the registration of delegates and guest at the Elks’ state convention which was held in Columbia during the week.

J. T. Herndon of Ehrhardt left school Wednesday for his homeat Ehrhardt, where he will be emplyed in the office of his father, J. T. Herndon, Sr., who has buiness headquarters in both Fairfax and Ehrhardt. Another group that was called for special work during the week was: Miss Jessie Anderson of Ridgeway, Miss Margaret Wichman of Walterboro, Miss Bernice Rauch of West Columbia, James Butler of Columbia. Loring Terry of Yemassee, Fred Wood of Denmark, Miss Margaret Shealy of Newberry and McCree Clark of Dorchester.

Miss Annelle Truluck of Olanta left school Thursday for her home, where she goes into the office of her father, J. M. Truluck, a practicing attorney of that city.

Miss Sara Ruple of Columbia, who was sent out some time ago for a week’s temporary employment, will not be back in school for several weeks as this employment has been continued for another three weeks or more.

Miss Inga Schellenburg of Alexandria, Virginia, a student here during 1939, was a welcome visitor at the college during the week. she has returned to Columbia to make her home here.

Miss Eva Crosson of Columbia who has been out of school for some time, returned Friday to resume her studies. Miss Margaret Payne of Paris, Kentucky, having completed the combined course, has been issued her diploma, and is now visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Payne, in Kentucky.

Miss Martha Bedenbaugh, a former graduate of this institution, was a welcome visitor at the school Friday afternoon when she came by to enroll her sister, Miss Bedenbaugh, since graduation, has held a responsible position with a well-know national credit compnay.

The following girls, having completed their courses, have been issued their diplomas; Miss Gladys Turner of Florence (secretarial); Miss Mary Francis King of Lake City (combined); Miss Dolly Stokes of Camden (secretarial); and Miss Wilma Dinkins of Lugoff (stenographic).

J. B. Mobly, Jr., of Johnston, and a former student here, was a welcome visitor at the school Wednesday. Mr. Mobly is working with the federal works agency as clerk-typist to the supervising engineer on the Buzzard’s Roost hydro-electric project.

Miss Minnie Francis Hargrove is spending the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W H Hargrove of Marion.

Mrs. Basil Jenkins is spending the weekend at her home in Allendale.

Miss Laura Scroggins of Cheraw is visiting her parents, the Rev. and Mrs. E. F. Scroggins, at her home this weekend.

Miss Mary Dunning Wells of Columbia is spending the weekend in Charlotte with Miss Helen Brawley there.

Miss Eva Manning is spending the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Manning, Sr., in Latta.

Miss. Sonya Harris of Aiken is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M Harris, at her home this weekend.

McCree Clark is visiting his mother, Mrs. McCree Clark in Dorchester this weekend.

Miss Hattie Iseman is spending the weekend in Hartsville with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Iseman.

Miss Margaret Shealy is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hary W. Shealy in Newberry this weekend.

Miss Vivian Tucker of Calhoun Falls is spending Sunday with her father O. B. Tucker.

June 9, 1940  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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