34 Men Enlist For U. S. Army

Thirty-four young men enlisted in the United States Army this week, Sergeant Chester R. Vaughan, announced today. There are still 25 vacancies in his quota, however, and any young men between the ages of and 35 wishing to enlist should apply at the recruiting office in the Medical building, 1512 Marion street.

The recruits will be sent to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina, and Panama. They have been assigned as follows:

Fort Bragg;

William Davis, Columbia; Thomas E. Grigsby, Columbia; Wingard E. Hendrix, Lexington; William A. Jordan, Blaney; Eugene D. Kelly, Blaney; Paul C. Miller, Newberry; Logan B. Pound, Gaston; Thomas E Ragin, Lykesland; Joffre O. Kaminer, Gilbert; Jim C. Horne, Columbia; James G. Collins, Denmark; Jesse E. Beard, Columbia; James M. Bonner, Leesville; Jake Carnes, Sumter; Eugene W. Green, Union; Richard A. Luther, Columbia; Maxie L. Moak, Columbia; William C. Reid, Ridgeway.

Fort Moultrie: Harley Hancock, Gilbert; Rochal H. Holly, Allendale; John H. Fellers, Columbia; Mell D. Gantt, Leesburg; Howard J. McCenny, Columbia; Boyd J. Cope, Bennettsville; and John W. Durham, Columbia.

Panama: Cecil B. Clark, Langley; Edward E. Williams, Augusta, Georgia; Garvin M. Williams, Columbia; William J. Kelly, Kershaw; George A. Armstrong, Cayce; Eugene E. Perry, Columbia; Leroy Stabler, Swansea; Jordan B. Schofield, Columbia, and James Corley, Columbia.

October 9, 1939  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 3

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