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Mrs. J. F. Brooks gave a party recently in celebration of the first birthday of her little son, Johnnie.

Many Games and contest entertained the children. Little Tommie Rykard and Harry Wolfe winning the prizes.

Those present were Tommie Rykard, Harry Wolfe, Betty Brown, Jack Leaphart, Ann Hendrix and A. T. Paul.

Assisting the hostess were Mrs. J. M. Leaphart and Mrs. Harold Hendrix.

Mrs. G. O. Guy and Mrs. R. B. Byrd entertained with a miscellaneous shower in honor of Mrs. Clyde Tarrer at her attractive new home on Colonial drive Thursday evening December 5. The following guests were present: Mrs. A. S. Russell, Mrs. F. T. Cox, Mrs. H. B. Tyson, Mrs. N. I. Jones, Mrs. W. C. Hale, Mrs. O. C. Brown, Mrs. E. Y. Johnson, Mrs. J. V. Hamley, Mrs. E. A. Snipes, Mrs. Louis Regal, Mrs. Geo. W. Parish, Mrs. Paul Torrence, Miss Olive Tompkins, Miss Elberta Wessinger, Mrs. F. T. Sineath, Mrs. J. M. Leaphart, Mrs. C. M. Young, Mrs. Frank Nesbitt, Mrs. Christine Hancock, Mrs. Laney Talbert, Mrs. J. W. Gelston, Mrs. T. P. Kirby, Mrs. E. C. Butler, Mrs. R. S. Coleman, Mrs. K. T. Joy, Mrs. G. O. Guy and Mr. Richard Byrd.

The Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Willis and Mrs. F. T. Cox attended the divisional meeting of Fairfield association, which met in Eastover Wednesday.

Miss Lois Reed of Campobello spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Maret this week.

Mr. and Mrs. William Gaylord and daughter, Miss Thelma Gaylord, of Richmond, Va., are visiting Mr. Gaylord’s mother, Mrs. Jimmie Gahlune.

Mrs. F. T. Sineath has returned to her home on College street after a visit to relatives in Washington, D. C.

Miss Mary Duensing and Miss Aurelia Stuckey of St. Matthews, who are attending Columbia college, spent last weekend with Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Andrews. Mrs. Andrews, also had her father and sister T. S. Stuckey, and Mrs. Duensing, as guest last week.

Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Paul and son, A. T. Paul, Jr., spent last Sunday in Branchville with Mrs. Paul’s brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Travlick.

Mrs. E. C. Butler spent several days visiting in Blaney last week.

William Duensing of Aiken, spent the Thanksgiving holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Duensing.

Miss Virginia Bomrette, a student at Columbia college, spent Thanksgiving at her home in Neeses.

Miss Rosemond Fitts has returned from a visit to her parent in Brunson.

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Watkin and Burwell Raines of Winnsboro spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. J. D. Raines.

Mrs. Corbett spent Thanksgiving with relatives in Laurens.

Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell, Jr., spent last weekend with the Latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Watts in Camden.

December 7, 1935  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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