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Mrs. W. T. Henson has returned from Charlotte where she has been visiting her son and daughter-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Henson.

Mrs. Ernest Hatchell and daughter, Eleanor have returned to their home in Portsmouth, Va., after a stay with Mrs. Hatchell’s father, F. N. Jones on Oak street. Her niece and nephew, Tyler Hatchell, Jr., and Jean Hatchell, also of Portsmouth returned with her after a visit to relatives for the past two weeks.

Misses Mary Gilmore and Blanche Surles are at home from Swansea where they were guests of Mrs. Lucius Rucker for several days.

William Walker of Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Virgina, is spending some time with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Walker on Richland street. His cousins, William Seay and Bennie Rush and he is returning with them for a stay with relatives in Charleston.

Mrs. J. J. Younginer of Woodford, who has been visiting her niece, Mrs. W. H. Tiller, has returned home. Billy Hornsby accompanied her home for a short stay.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Orr and young son, Edward, Jr., have returned to Spartanburg after a visit to Mrs. Lonnie Boukhnight on Laurel street.

Kenneth Ouzts is at home from a month’s stay in Anderson with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Rivers and daughter, Mrs. T. C. Rivers and young son, Thomas Dean, leave by automobile for Chesterfield where they will be the guest of Mrs. Sara Rivers and other relatives for several days.

Mrs. E. S. Miscally and daughter, Margaret motored down to Sumter last week for a visit to Mrs. T. E. Henson.

Mrs. Jake Geiger and two grandsons, Harold and Marion left Saturday for Spartanburg after a stay with Mrs. John Surles on Stark street.

Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Plexico and young son have returned from Union where they have been visiting relatives.

Miss Evelyn McNeil has gone to Blaney where she will teach during the coming session.

Mrs. W. P. Ouzts and son, William, are at home from Atlanta where they were teh guests of Misses Sara and Mabel Barton for several days.

Kenneth Wescott has returned from Bishopville where he spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. Creighton Skinner.

Mrs. A. M. Teague, who has been spending the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Silas Griffith at Lockhart was the guest of friends last week. For the present she is visiting another daughter, Mrs. William Fulmer.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Caudle and two small daughter, Helen Trezevant and Beverley Burke, left Friday by motor for their stay with relatives and friends. Mrs. Candle’s sister, Miss Lillian Dixon returned with them and will spend the winter in Washington, where she will attend school En route they will stop over in Cheraw where they will spend a day with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stricklin.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith. and Mrs. Julian W. White, Jr., and three sons motored to Newberry last week where they were the guest of Mrs. W. J. White.

September 14, 1930  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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