Badges This Morning For Fifty-year Club

If You Have Sent in Coupon, Come to The State Office Between 11 A.M. and 1 P. M. to Get Admission Ribbon to Robinson’s Circus.

If you have joined The State-John Robinson’s Fifty Year club, come to the office of The State between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. today and get a ribbon which admits you free of charge of the afternoon performance today of John Robinson’s circus at the State Fair grounds. The ribbons are not transferable and can be used only by club members.

The State has received so many replies that it has been impossible to quote from each letter. However. The State plans another story in a few days quoting those that have not already been quoted.

Whether you have seen your name in the paper or not, if you filled out one of the ribbon. Or, if you have not filled out one, and are eligible, come by with the coupon.

Additional members of The State John Robinson’s Circus Fifty Year club are: D. R. Craft, 4 Bluff road; J. B. Eberhardt, 2312 Lincoln street: J. W. Daniels, 141 Taylor; Alice Harvin, Edisto avenue: M. W. Mason, Box 51: Willis Tucker, New Brookland; Mrs. Fannie A. Langford, Blythewood; T. P. Hinnant, Ridgeway; F. M. Reynolds, 3631 Central avenue; A. W. Matheson, Longtown; D. W. Robinson, 908 Palmetto building; C.Y. Humpries, 2113 Marion street; C. R. Conwell, 1629 Main street; Ben P. Hughes, 1709 Laurel street;Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Kennedy, 2301 Lee street; W. B. Summersett, 78 Holly street; Mrs. Jennie Blackwelder, 1305 Hagood street; J. D. Lewis, 718 Elmwood street; Mrs. Emma DuBose, 23 Clark avenue: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Atwell, 2830 Wilmet avenue; J. D. Anderson, Rock Hill; Mrs. Mary C. Clark, 1003 Sumter street; R. W. Martin, Gaston; E. G. Tennant, Saluda; R. H. Phillips, Winnsboro; Mrs. W. F. Painter, 729 Olive street; G. B. Boozer, 1523 Taylor street; G. L. Hollis, route 3; W. F. Stevenson, Cheraw; A. F. Funderburk, Pageland; W. C. Kelly, Hopkins; G. H. Steadman, 3718 Main street; Mrs. G. H. Steadman, 3718 Main street; H. S. Cunningham, Bishopville; J. E. Chalk, Eastover; John Brown, 2401 Santee avenue; J. Melton Thornton, Blaney; J. R. Allen, 1829 Gadsden street; E. T. Rauch, Ballentine; Mrs. L. C. N. M. Chappel, Lykesland; L. C. Chappel, Lykesland; J. M. Cooper, 707 Pavilion avenue; W. W. Fulmer, 4005 Monticello road; Mrs. Daly, 1626 Gervasis street; Mrs. Willie Starnes, route 4, box 84; Mrs. Lizzie H Green, 36 Clark avenue; and B. P. DuBose, 23 Clark avenue.

September 28, 1928  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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