Large Wildcat Killed At Blaney

Richland’s Largest “Catamount” Taken – Has Been Raiding Farms.

They say holding of one member is “wild-cat” (?) in the Blaney section of upper Richland County, was ended Wednesday night, when the contents of a (?) brought him down from the (?) high tree in which he had sought refuge from huntsmen and dogs. The creature was (?) as being possibly the largest dismounts ever found in Richland county.

Residents of the Blaney secti on have suffered considerable losses to date to their poultry yards by the nocturnal visits of wild-cats. (?) felt confident that the unwelcome visitors were massive member of the feline family because of the footprints but when a party of Balney hunters set out, they had no ideal that they would be rewarded with the body of the largest wild cat ever captured in upper Richland. But each was the (?) The body weighed about 30 pounds.

Persons who are familiar with the disposition of wild cats “under fire”, declared that if (?)for the dogs that they did not engage in a battle to the death (?) the creature, as they examined his long claws, for one stroke of the three inch claws would have been fatale to any dog that would have dared venture within striking distance of the infuriated animal.

It is believed by residents of upper Richland that their pigs and chickens will enjoy more restful nights, now that one member of the marauding party has been cut from his fellow briganda.

Flynn Ross, one of the members of the prusuring party, brought the interesting exhibit to the city. He exacted a large crowd in front of Lee Martin’s establishment on Hampton street. Mr. Martin is an expert in such matters, by reason of being a furrier. He said the dead creature was the largest he had ever seen. Mr. Martin said that physically, the cat was classified as a “catamount,” as it carried a tail.

Mr. Ross was endeavoring to (?) interserest in his plan to have the creature stuffed, and mounted, because of its unusual size.

January 22, 1925  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
Page 10

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