Movies in Kershaw

Demonstration Agents Present Pictures Throughout County.

Special to The State.

Camden, Sept. 26 – During the last two weeks, the farm and home demonstration agents have covered the county with a motion picture presentation of interesting agricultural and home economics subjects. A number of business houses of Camden purchased a sufficient number of advertising slides to defray the cost of the outfit.

The program for this month included “Culling of Chickens” and “Green Manure and Cover Crops.”

The schedule of places visited and the approximate attendance at each are as follows; Midway school, 150 present; DeKalb, 135 present; Lugoff, 55 present; Bethune, 125 present; Kershaw, 100 present; Timrod, 150 present; Charlotte Thompson school, 50 present; Blaney, 67 present.

The present plans are to have similar showings at various places over the county each month, with a complete change of program.

September 27, 1924  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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