New Brookland

Special to the State

New Brookland, Sept. 1. – Miss Amalie Hall has returned home after spending several weeks in Marion.

Mrs. Noah Shealy has returned to her home in Newark, N. J., after a visit to her mother, Mrs. C. T. Weed.

Mrs. V. T. Caughman has returned home after a visit to Decatur, Miss.

Miss Beatrice Galloway has returned from Winston-Salem, N. C.

Misses Harriet Weaver and Leola Graham have returned from Spartanburg and Gastonia, N. C.

Mrs. A. L. Dunaway of Jacksonville, Fla., was the recent guest of Mrs. C. C. Roberts.

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Glaze and children also Mrs. Annie Thornhill, have gone to Belmont, N. C., to spend a few days.

Miss Leelan Caughman has returned from a ten days’ stay at Lake Junaluska, where she went to represent the Brookland Epworth league.

Miss Charlotte Ross of Blaney, was the guest of Mrs. Willerby Ross the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Roberts and children have gone to Besemer City, N. C., to spend the week-end with Mrs. Roberts’ borther, A. J. Oxner.

Mrs. J. W. Flake and two daughters, Helen Flake and Daisy Flake, of Charlotte, N. C., are visiting Mrs. Flake’s brother, R. C. Stallings.

The Friendship Circle of Kings Daughters met with Mrs. C. R. Costner Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. H. L. Meetze entertained a few friends with a swimming party at Taylor’s pond Thursday evening in honor of her sister, Mrs. Wallace Oxner, a recent-bride.

September 2, 1923  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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