In Eau Claire and Arden

League of Woman Voters.

The league of Women Voters will hold its regular meeting tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Park School.

Will Spend Friday.

Mrs. C. E. Hinnant of Eau Claire will spend tomorrow in St. Matthews, where she will accompany the baseball team of the Hyatt Park school, of which William Pope Cook is manager. Iredell Hinnant will play on the team.

Gives Successful Play.

A successful play was given Tuesday night at the New Brookland high school. It was called “Breezey Point” and was presented by the 11th grade and directed by Miss Lula Aiken, their teacher. The class cleared the neat sum of $41. Many congratulation been given Miss Aiken on her emcient work.

From Aiken.

Miss Cornelia Wilds and her brother, Dr. R. H. Wilds, came in from Aiken during the week to visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Wilds at Ridgeway.

Will Return to Clinton.

Jeff Chapman, Who has been at the home of his parents at Ridgewood, has recovered from malarial fever and expects to leave this week to return to college at Clinton.

Delegate to Oswego.

Mrs. J. H. DeHihns leaves today as delegate of the Women’s Mission any society of the College Place Methodist church to the conference of missionary societies at Oswego.

Delegate to Charleston.

Miss Lula Aiken of Eau Claire, who is a delegate from the Sunday school of the College Place Methodist church left yesterday for Charleston, accompanied by the mother. Mrs. W. E. Aiken. Miss Aiken will attend the Methodist Sunday school conference.

Play Monday Night.

“Cinderella in Flower Land” is being rehearsed every day and will be ready for presentation Monday night at the Hyatt Park School. All tickets sold for May 7 will be good for May 14, the postponed date.

Guest of Mrs. Riley.

Mrs. Jordan of Winnsboro is the guest of her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Riley, in Arden.

Special Service Sunday.

The Junior and Senior Christian Endeavor will celebrate Mothers’ day Sunday at 4 o’clock in the afternoon with a special service at the Eau Claire Presbyterian Church. All the mothers of the community are invited.

Visiting in Orangeburg.

Mrs. J. E. Elliott and small son, Jack, have gone to Orangeburg to visit Mrs. Elliott’s parents, the Rev. and Mrs. J. L. McLees.

From Lancaster.

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Powell have them her parents and brother, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. McNinch and Ewart McNinc of Lancaster, for a short visit.

Mexican Fiesta.

A Mexican fiesta will be the feature of an afternoon’s entertainment Monday at 4 o’clock at the residence of Mrs. T. J. Chapman. This will be given by the Woman’s auxiliary of the Eau Claire Presbyterian church. The play will be Mexican with Mexican costumes, the program also and special dishes from that tropical country will be a feature of the refreshments. An offering will be taken for the Mexican girls’ school in Texas.

From Chicago.

W. J. Arnett of Chicago was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Elliott in Eau Claire for several days.

Return From Blaney.

Mrs. B. D. Cain and children have returned from a visit to her sister, Mrs. T. M. McCastill, near Blaney.

Recovering From Illness.

Mrs. Thelma Baltzeger is recovering from a few days’ illness.

Weekly Prayer Meeting.

The weekly prayer meeting of Arden was held Tuesday ovening with Mrs. J. D. Percival on Third avenue.

Sunbeams to Meet.

The Sunbeam band of the Eau Claire Baptist church will meet Friday at 4 o’clock at the Hyatt Park school.

May 10, 1923 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 3

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