Many Attending Classes For S S Workers

The training school for Sunday school workers of the Central district of South Carolina, held under the auspices of the Baptist Teacher’s association of the State, Rev. Thos. J. Watts, general secretary, opened Sunday afternoon in the Sunday school auditorium of the First Baptist church. A large audience attended this initial meeting which was for all Christian workers of the city and vicinity.

The out-of-town guests are arriving by every train Monday. They will receive and enjoy genuine Columbia hospitality.

Three classes were formed yesterday, text books were distributed and the first days lessons assigned by the teachers. The enrollment in these classes was exceedingly gratifying, there being in the neighborhood of a hundred. The number of students will be the materially increased during the day. Hundreds not taking text book work will avail themselves of the platform work which will be done by Reverend Joseph T. Watts, Virginia, on the Teen Age, and Miss Annie L. Williams of Birmingham on the elementary department of the Sunday school and the pedagogy and physiology of teaching. The platform work will last from 4 to 5:45 amd from 8:30 to 9:15 p.m. each day. Professor L. P. Leavell’s classes in “The Heart of the Old Testament” will be conducted in the main auditorium of the Sunday school building each day at 6 to 7 p.m., and 7:45 to 8:30 p.m. These studies will be most appealing to all lovers of Bible study. The class is open to all who will attend whether they care to study the text book or not. All organized class workers are urged to enter the class of Reverend Joseph Watts and study the work of the organized Bible Class. A large number have enrolled for this study. This class will occur at the same time as that of Mr. Leavell’s work. At the same hours also Mr. J. J. Gentry and Reverend Thomas J. Watts will teach the First Standard Normal Course, dealing with the organization and management of the Sunday school at 6 p.m., and “Teaching the Sunday School,” at 7:45.

Professor L. P. Leavell spoke to a great congregation at Tabernacle Baptist church last night and the Reverend Joseph T. Watts spoke on an evangelistic theme to a packed house at the First Baptist church.

Reverend Thomas J. Watts, the general secretary, said that the membership of the association was growing apace and predicted a total of 2,500 by July.

Following is a partial list of the hosts and their guests, who are here for the meeting:

Reverend Thomas J. Watts, Colonia hotel – Miss Annie L. Williams, Birmingham, Ala,; Rev. J. T. Watts, Richmond, Va.

Mrs. J. W. Lever, 1118 Senate street – Miss Tabbie Geddings, Paxville; Miss Essie Rich, Paxville.

Mrs. Gertrude Pugh, 1820 Sumter street – Miss Loulie Cullum, Batesburg.

E. O. Fallaw, 4013 Heyward street – Pastor W. R. McMillan, Bamberg; F. O. Richardson, Manning.

Mrs. S. E. Epton, 1803 Blanding street, Pastor J. D. Timmons, Blaney, Pastor B. J. Woodward, Holly Hill.

Miss Amanda Webb, 1027 Elmwood avenue – Mrs. S. E. Goodale, Camden; Mrs. M. E. Schrock, Camden.

Mrs. W. J. McGee, 1412 Blanding street – Mrs. John W. Wilson, Camden.

Mrs. Lemuel Scott, 1717 Gervais street – Miss Ada Phelps, Camden; Miss Willie Watkins, Camden.

Mrs. J. P. Dent, 1812 Henderson street – Pastor Laurin Gardner, Hartsville.

Dr. M. L. Sims, 1711 Gervais street – Miss Bennie Gardner, Kershaw; Miss Sidna Harris, Manning.

Dr. C. E. Burts, 1400 Blanding street – Pastor J. A. Ansley, Manning; Rev. E. A. McDowell, Fairfax.

Mrs. C. B. Wooten, 2410 Divine street – Mrs. W. T. Tate, Batesburg; Miss Sallie May Burton, Batesburg.

Judge J. J. Gentry, 1324 Hampton avenue – Miss Rosa Ridgell, Batesburg; Pastor W. F. Hayes, Barnwell; Dr. R. T. Goodale, Camden; Pastor J. A. Davidson, Camden.

Pastor A. J. Foster, Shandon – Pastor Ben Sorgee, Blythewood.

Mrs. J. C. Elkin, 2340 Park street – Mrs. M. J. Kyzer, Paxville; Pastor M. J. Kyzer, Paxville.

E. B. Gresham, Greshawn hotel – L. P. Leavell, Oxford, Miss.

March 22, 1915  State (published as THE COLUMBIA RECORD)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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