Cotton Good Price, Lands Are Cheap!

2,414 acres five miles southeast from Winnsboro, 250 acres of good bottoms, set in Bermuda grass, rolling land but very productive. Price, $7 per acre. 1-3 cash, 6 annual payments on the balance.

666 acres six miles from Winnsboro, well covered with short leaf saw timber, pasture wired, no buildings. Price, $9 per acre.

500 acres in Kershaw county, three miles from Blaney, all lies well except 30 acres. No buildings; 250 acres in fine bottoms. Price, $10 per acre.

75 acres, 3 1-2 miles from Chapin, uncleared land. Price, $5 per acre.

975 acres, No finer pasture in South Carolina. The James Jones pasture joins the Bratton place. Price, $11 per acre.

982 acres, 15 tenant house, water power, gin house, barn, timber estimated at one and one-half million feet. 3 miles from Blaney. Price, $16 per acre.

680 acres, 300 acres cultivated, 200 acres level, fine hay meadow, side track and ferry on the place, 6 tenant houses, 5 barns, 1 large hay barn, pasture wired in. Will cut $1,000 net of hay per year. Price, $20 per acre.

W. J. Elliott
Real Estate
1325 Main Street Room 6

September 11, 1913  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Advertisement  Issue 7993  Page 8

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