Had Narrow Escape In Camden Runaway

Buggy Overturned on Occupants – W. O. W. Held Election – New Enterprise for Blaney.

Special to The State.

Camden, Dec. 13. – What was almost a serious accident was the runaway of two spirited horse driven by Frank Campbell on north Lyttleton street Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Campbell and little child were in the buggy with Mr. Campbell, when the horses became unmanageable and dashed down the street in front of the Hobkirk inn. When the horses were in front of “Bloomsbury,” they swerved towards the sidewalk and overturned the buggy on the occupants. All of the occupants were severely bruised, but not seriously injured. THe buggy was demolished. Fortunately the harness broke when the buggy overturned and prevented the horses from dragging the buggy, which was on top of the occupants. The accident attracted a large crowd.

The Live Oak Camp, No, 49, W. O. W., held its regular meeting on Tuesday night, and after transacting the routine of business, including the passing upon several application, proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing year, as follows; C. W. Birchmore, C. C.; J. C. Blackwell, advisor lieutenant; G. C. Bruce, banker; W. E. Johnson, Clerk; J. G. McKaskill, escort; D. L. Dabney, watchman; W. C. Raley, sentry; Drs. S. F. Brasington and W. R. Clyburn, physicians; W. M. Shannon, M. G. Huckabee and J. H. Clarke, managers. It was decided to have an oyster supper on the evening of the 21st inst., and J. F. Bateman, J. H. Clark and L. T. Stewart were appointed to arrange it. The newly elected officers will be installed on the first meeting night in January. The Popular Camp, which is about four miles below Camden, Elected its officers last week, and the newly elected officers were reported in last week’s paper.

The DeKalb Township Corn club, one of the township corn clubs organized by the chamber of commerce last year, will hold its meeting at the courthouse on Saturday. The prizes for the township, which are very large, are to be distributed on that day. The other township clubs will meet later.

At a recent meeting of the directors of the Enterprise Building and Loan association, it was decided to liquidate the seventh series, which is worth now something over $120 per share, if is estimated. This will mean the turning loose of something like $40,000 here the first of January.

The regular teachers’ meeting for Kershaw county will be held in Camden at the graded school building on Saturday morning, December 16, at 11 o’clock. Every teacher in the county has been urged to be present. Dr. W. J. Burdell will lecture on “The School Diseases. Their Detection and Prevention.”

The Sunday school at the Hermitage cotton mill has been reorganized. This school suspended some time ago on account of the mill being shut down and all of the people moving away, but now that the mill is in operation again and the houses are being filled up with families moving in, the school has started up again, Mr. Brazell of Lancaster, who recently moved into the mill village here, is superintendent.

The Blaney Hub and Buggy company an enterprise which was incorporated during the past summer, having a capital of $6,000, is having a neat brick building built at Blaney. This is one of the First brick buildings to go up in the growing little town of Blaney.

December 14, 1911  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
News Article  Issue 7366  Page Copy of [1]

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