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1580 acres of land, 600 head of cattle, 500 head of hogs, 6 miles, ginnery and grist mill, for $35,000.00. $2,000 to close trade, $7,000.00 Dec. 1st, balance in four annual payments. 500 acres in cultivation. Long left saw timber worth $10,000.00. The land is sandy with clay subsoil. Comparatively level. Cattle, hogs, mules and timber can be sold soon as purchased, money to be appropriated to outstanding indebtedness.

1160 acres of land adjoining the town of Marshville, Ga. About 100 yards from the central part of town. The land that is in cultivation rents for 48 bales of cotton. Balance in saw timber, woods and pasture. The improvements, one nice dwelling, two 6-room cottages, 6 or 8 tenant houses. The part of the place that is in the town is a fine lot proposition of 200 lots or more, situated in a beautiful grove and think would sell readily for $150.00 to $200.00 a lot. Price $35.00 per acre and real good terms. Marshallville is a beautiful little town of 1,2000 inhabitants and perfectly healthy.

One tract of land, situated in Greenwood county, S. C., 6 miles north of greenwood, 1 1-2 miles east of Cokebury, 3 1-2 miles east of Hodges, on two public roads, containing 679 acres, 3-4 red land, 1-4 grey land. 16 new 3 room tenant houses, painted, 9 good size barns, ginnery and saw mill, blacksmith shop, 7 wells, 2 branches, 85 feet concrete dam and a ram for watering stock in center of place, 85 acres under wire, 10 acres of hog wire, 500 acres in cultivation, balance in pines and oak. Will rent easily for 30,000 pounds lint cotton, 200 pecan trees, out 2 years, budded Stewart variety. Cokesbury Conference school 1 1-2 miles, Cokebury Sulphur Spring on edge of place, motor line from Greenville to Greenwood, run not father than one mile away, may touch place. Road a certainty. Price $50.00 per acre.

157 acres on public road, Saluda county, 5 miles of Leesville, 4 1-2 miles from Batesburg. One half in cultivation, balance in woods and pasture. 7-room house, plenty of water, good neighborhood, church and schools near. Price $4,500.00. Terms can be had.

249 acres of land, one mile from Jacobs, 5-room dwelling, one-half in cultivation, balance in woods. Price $8.00 per acre.

One 2-story brink building with two stores. Size of lot 35 x150, also another lot, size 35 x 150, in town of Cayce. Price $4,000.00. Terms.

544 acres between Blaney and Jacobs, right of public road. 100 acres in cultivation, balance long leaf saw timber and woods. Improvements, 6 tenant houses, barns and sables. Fine water power, also mineral spring. Price $8,000.00.

An improved place, 214 acres 1 1-2 miles east of Sharps station and Blythewood. Price $10.00 per acre.

Two dwellings, one 7-room and one 5-room, one store, 30 feet by 20, one 32 by 20, and other outbuildings. Also 100 acres of land in the incorporative limits of the town of Blaney. Price $4,250.00.

Nice 6 – room dwelling with one acre of land, in the town of Shandon. One block from ear line. Price $2,650.00; $500.00 cash, mortgage already on place that will be carried.

15 acres of land with 4-room dwelling, 11 miles from Columbia on Camden road. Price $400.00.

21 acres of land on Garner’s Ferry road, 3 miles from the city, $225.00 per acre.

1000 acres of land on Automobile road, 11 miles from Columbia, 1 1-2 miles frouting the Automobile road, $12.50 per acre. The land is high and lies beautifully, 180 feet higher than Columbia.

6-room dwelling and two lots on car line. Price $2,000.00; $200.00 cash, amount of rent per mounth. Interest semi-annually.

5-room house and 4 acres of land, 4 1-2 miles from Columbia. Price $1,400.00. Real good terms.

515 acres of land, about 60 acres in pasture, with plenty of wood and running water through place. About 120 acres in peach and plum trees. The remaining 335 acres is in cultivation, cotton, corn, grain, etc. Part of this land raised a bale of cotton to the acre last season, and part raised 45 bushels of corn to the acre. The land is grey with clay subsoil. Has been kept in very high state of cultivation. There is nothing run down about the entire place, everything is in fine condition. The improvements on the place are, one 9-room dwelling, painted white, in good condition, 7 tenant houses, one large packing and storage house, one large mule barn, one horse barn, one cow barn, other outhouses, sheds, etc., one gin house building, one are motor, windmill, good well furnish all the water needed. One good telephone line, connecting with long distance lines. 6,000 peach trees, about eight years old; 4,000 peach trees, some four and some three years old. 1,000 plum trees, about eight years, some four years. Quite a lot of pecan trees, some thirty years or more, around house. Other fruit trees, fig, walnut, pomegranates, quinces, apples, pears, etc. Enough for own use, canning, preserving, etc. Price $50.00 per acre; will accept $1,000.00 in cash to bind the trade, $6,000.00 Jan. 1st, 1912, when possession of place is given, the balance to be divided into three equal amounts and payable one, two and three years, at 8 per cent, per annum. The place is rented this year for 20 bales of cotton, 500 lb to the bale. this will net from $1,200.00 to $1,400.00. The fruit was sold April 13th, for $3,000.00 on the trees, without any risk to owner whatever. This, you see, figures about $4,200.00 sure, for this year, which is about 20 per cent. of the amount asked for the place.

J. F. Mobley

1434 Main St.


Phone 1816

May 21, 1911 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Advertisement Issue 7160 Page 8

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