Wants Money For Anguish

Woman Claims Telegram Was Delayed Before Reaching Her From Blaney.

A Mental anguish suit is being heard Thursday in common pleas court. Lucy Hornsby Jones is asking a jury to award her $1,000 from the Western Union Telegraph company for an alleged delay in receiving a telegram sent to her from Blaney annoucing the death of a relative, Fletcher Hornsby. The telegram was signed by R. M. Croker.

The following jury is serving on the case: Messrs. R. E. Blakeley, foreman; B. W. Bates, H. C. Floyd, M. L. Wise, E. B. Hyatt, J. H. Kelley, E. A. Richardson, C. S. Handwell, John Cartledge, J. C. Gorman, T. D. Buff, A. W. Martin.

Deal Case Concluded.

The Deal case came to an end Wednesday, the jury returning a verdict in favor of Mrs. Mary L. Deal in her suit against her mother-in-law and brother-in-law, Mrs. Margaret F. Deal and Mrs. Mary L. Deal was Dr. S. M. Deal, who before his death carried a life insurance policy for $1,000 which had been made payable to his mother, Mrs. Margaret E. Deal. The plaintiff contended that before Dr. Deal’s death he assigned the policy to his wife. This was resisted by the defendants. The jury returned a verdict of $1,232.28 for the widow of Dr. Deal, the amount being the sum named in the policy and interest. This is the third time the case has been before the courts, the first hearing being a verdict for the plaintiff, the second a mistrial and the third time. Wednesday, when the verdict of the first hearing was repeated.

May 4, 1911 Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD) Columbia, South Carolina Page 1

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