Charlotte To Columbia. (Charlotte Observer)

Having received a number of calls for a road chart from Charlotte to Columbia, S. C., a distance of 133.8 miles, and being specially requested by the Automobile club of America for a reading of this route for publication, Mr. Osmond L. Barriger several days ago made a trip to the South Carolina capital city via Lancaster and Camden in his Hudson roadster.

Leaving The Observer office at 10 o’clock he ran to Camden in three and one-half hours, showing that with the roads in Good Condition it would be possible for Northern tourists to run up to Charlotte at any time.

Mr. Barringer is very enthusiastic over the sand-clay road between Lancaster and Camden, the 40 miles being made in 90 minutes, which is 19 minutes better than train schedule between these two points.

It is expected that several cars will pass through Charlotte this week on their way to Camden, Columbia and Augusta, being over two hundred miles shorter than by way of Atlanta.

It is the purpose of The Observer to publich form time to time road charts connecting the leading cities of the Carolinas with Charlotte. Some time ago such a chart was given from Charlotte to Greenville and Asheville, and later from Charlotte to Blowing Rock. This is the chart to Columbia. The next will proably be that to Wilminton. This chart follows: Charlotte, N. C., to Columbia, S. C.,

113.8 Miles

0.0 Leave square, go south on Tryon street, passing Observer office.

0.6 Leave asphalt – S. O.

1.5 Turn to left, cross railroad, two tracks. Turn right.

3.4 Turn to right over railroad, following railroad.

4.0 Pass under Southern Power company’s line.

8.5 Cross railroad.

9.6 Cross bridge over railroad.

10.5 Pass straight through Pineville.

11.0 Bridge over creek, monument on hillside at left marks the birthplace of President James K. Polk.

12. 5 Bridge over creek.

14.4 Crossroads, S. O.

16.1 End of macadam, crossroads, S. O.

17.2 Turn to left, follow main road.

18.2 S. O., pass road on right which goes to Fort Mill, S. C.

18.7 Follow right hand road.

20.5 Old stone post on right, half way to Lancaster.

22.6 S. O.

25.2 Cross creek.

26.4 Bridge over Seaboard railroad

28.3 Right hand.

28.6 S. O.

29.4 S. O.

30.5 Right hand follow phone line.

31.8 S. O.

32.3 Bridge over Waxhaw creek.

33.7 S. O. follow phone line.

35.3 Bridge over King creek.

36.3 Follow phone line

37.0 S. O.

37.8 Bridge over Cam creek.

40.8 Enter Lancaster, turn to right.

40.9 Turn to left up hill.

41.0 Court house square, Lancaster. Go straight through town.

41.4 Cross railroad, go up hill.

42.0 Take left hand.

42.6 Danger sign, going down hill.

42.7 Go under railroad.

42.8 Bridge over creek.

44.3 Railroad crossing.

Pass station on left.

49.7 Bridge over railroad.

50.2 Pass Pleasant Hill station on right.

50.0 Cross railroad.

51. 8 Pass Heath Springs station on left.

52.1 Turn left.

54.2 Cross railroad.

55.0 Pass station on right.

58.7 Turn right, then left.

59.0 Pass Kershaw station on right.

60.3 Cross railroad.

60.9 Cross bridge over creek.

61.1 Turn left down hill (careful).

61.2 Cross concrete bridge.

61.3 Cross railroad

61.8 Cross railroad

62.3 Cross railroad.

65.4 Cross railroad.

65.8 Pass Westville station on left.

66.2 S. O

69.3 Cross railroad

71.0 Cross railroad

71.4 Pass station of left.

74.3 Bridge over creek

75.2 Cross railroad

76.0 Bridge over creek.

77.7 Cross railroad

78.7 S. O.

79.2 Take right hand into Camden.

79.3 Railroad crossing.

81.0 Main street, Camden, turn right and go west, follow main road.

83.0 Iron bridge over Wateree river.

87.8 Pass through Lugoff.

95.2 Pass through Blaney.

113.8 Columbia.

November 10, 1910  Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
Page 6

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