From Columbia to Camden

The picture at the top shows the ferry over the Wateree, carrying the three cars and their passengers – The Record’s Buick scout, the Gregory-Conder company’s white Buick and Dr. E. M. Whaley’s Chalmers Detroit.

The picture on the left hand, at the bottom, shows the white Buick, driven by Mr. J. B. Roddey, ploughing through a deep mud-puddle at Blaney. The spray from the car’s passage through the water shows behind the automobile. The Seaboard Air Line station at Blaney appears in the background.

The picture on the right hand, at the bottom, shows Dr. Whaley’s powerful Chalmers-Detroit, with its back wheels sunk deep in the mud at Blaney, the spot being just a few feet from the water through which Mr. Roddey drove the Buick. To avoid the water, Dr. Whaley drove to the right at this point and was soon in the mire, a deceptive and treacherous piece of bad road. The Chalmers-Detroit, was pulled out with a rope by one of the others cars. The hard-work individual seen in the picture so prominently is the editor of The Record looking at the other fellows put on the rope.

All of these photographs are snap-shots taken by Mr. B. W. Blanchard, who accompanied The Record’s party on this trip as far as Darlington, July 17.

July 23, 1909  Columbia Record (published as THE DAILY RECORD)  Columbia, South Carolina
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