For Sale

Large store house, dwelling attached, also two -story and single-story dwelling for $5,100; $1,600 cash, balance in five years. Corner property and rents for $67.50 per month.

90 acres of land 2 1/2 miles from Blaney’s, for $275.00.

An improved place, 104 acres 8 miles from Columbia, 40 acres in cultivation, balance in woods, enough to pay for the place. Price $1,200.

Twenty-five million feet of hardwood timber at $1.38 1/2 per thousand. Parties can pay for it as it is shipped.

An improved place of 273 acres three miles west of Johnston, know as the Weaver place, half in cultivation, balanced wood. Price $15 per acre, half cash, balance one and two years with interest.

A nice 7-room dwelling on five acres of land, directly on car line to the Hyatt park. Will sell cheap for the cash. It is a corner lot.

Improved place of 334 acres on Anacrum Ferry road, 12 miles Columbia, 60 acres in cultivation, balance saw timber and wood. The place has grist mill and gin that run by water, Price . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,500.

J. F. Mobley,
Real Estate,
1507 Main St., Columbia, S. C.
Phone 1816.

1908.01.26 - For Sale

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