Judy Claire Evans Singletary

SFC Johnny C. Singletary, Sr. and Judy Evans Singletary
SFC Johnny C. Singletary, Sr. and Judy Evans Singletary

Judy Claire Evans Singletary (2-9-1945 to 4-21-2020)

SFC Johnny C. Singletary, Sr., SFC, US ARMY, Retired (11-6-1940 to 4-17-2020)

COLUMBIA – Let us tell you a love story that started so many years ago, a young couple got married on July 14, 1962 and so it began. The handsome young man was in the army and the beautiful young lady was washing cars the day they met. From that moment on they were together. After a year or more of courtship they ran off and got married. As time will have it the years went by, through hardship and happiness their love remained the one constant in this ever-changing world. Daddy received numerous medals and honors throughout his Army career and all the while Momma was right by his side. They fought together no matter what. On April 18, 2019 Daddy had a stroke and for the next year Momma did everything she could to help Daddy get better. On April 5, 2020 both Momma and Daddy had to be taken to the hospital because an unwanted disease came into their home, a silent deadly killer had invaded their lives. On April 17, 2020 Daddy lost his battle against this killer and Momma could not bear to be without him and on April 21, 2020 Daddy met Momma at the gates of heaven. This couple was our parents and we want to thank everyone for all the love, thoughts, and prayers. We know, our parents touched so many lives and due to this silent deadly killer, we cannot give them the burial they so righteously deserve. Once this has passed, we will hold a graveside service at Fort Jackson so that Daddy can have his military honors and they can both have all the people they loved and loved them attend. We will post an announcement at that time. Thank you for honoring our Parents, Johnny C. Singletary, Jr. and Family and Jerri Singletary Rawls and Family.

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