U.S. has lost its moral bearings

America has become morally bankrupt; there is no absolute truth anymore. We see it in lack of respect for teachers and the lack of respect being taught by parents.

A lot of this comes from kids having kids and not having a clue what it takes to raise a child. Abortion is running rampant in the name of a woman’s right to choose. We now have 12 states that have approved gay marriage.

This country was founded on Christian principles, and this is the only religion that is under daily assault from the media, our government and the world. America doesn’t need an economic revival – we need a spiritual revival.

I am so thankful that I have had the privilege to live in the greatest country in the world. But God will not bless America for this kind of behavior. We need more people to stand up for their convictions because what our country needs more than anything is to hear the truth that Jesus Christ loves them and he is the only one who offers true forgiveness and hope not only for our country’s problems, but the rest of the world.


May 24, 2013  State (published as The State) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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