Kershaw County Building Up

The district is completing a number of renovations in its first phase of a facilities upgrade project. Among work at Lugoff, Elgin and Camden area schools:

Lugoff-Elgin High: Work includes a new auxiliary gym, renovations of existing locker rooms, new concession building, new ticket booths, two new practice fields, a new track and six new tennis courts. Projected completion is October. Lugoff-Elgin Middle: Construction of the new 133,000-square-foot school to accommodate 750 students is under way; projected completion is October.

Camden High: Work includes a new auditorium, new auxiliary gym, renovation of existing locker rooms, kitchen replacement, dining area upgrades, new student parking lot, new practice fields, new track and two concession/restroom buildings to serve outdoor athletic facilities. Projected completion is November.

Blaney Elementary: Renovation of entire building, a new fire lane, replacement of HVAC system, new kitchen hood, new roof, new front canopy and new bus canopy. Twelve portable classrooms will be used while sections of the building are renovated. Projected completion is December.

Camden Middle: Construction is under way for a new 148,000-square-foot school to accommodate 900 students. Projected completion is April.


Blaney Elementary and Camden Middle this year will be considering single-gender classes.

The district’s elementary and middle schools will receive new computers and interactive whiteboards.

Middle and high schools will get expanded drama and music programs this year. Camden High has a new auditorium space opening this year.

The district will have an occupational diploma program, which will provide career development and transition services to students with disabilities. The program will emphasize academic and vocational skills, personal responsibility and self-advocacy.

High school students will be able to use A+ Learning, a Web-based instructional product, to make up courses during the regular school day and stay on time to graduate.

ATEC will offer a new course on public safety. This class will provide instruction in the areas of law enforcement and firefighting that will prepare students for careers in these areas.

At the elementary level, additional funds have been set aside to provide students struggling with reading more time and more individualized help. In addition, the district has set elementary class-size caps to provide teachers greater opportunities to meet the individual needs of students.

At the secondary level, mentoring programs will be started at each middle school to help reduce out-of-school suspensions and promote increased achievement.

The district will be partnering with the state to offer the Juveniles Experiencing Excellence Program, an after-school program that will provide opportunities for high-risk middle and high school students to participate in tutoring, mentoring and employment skills training.


Ginger Catoe, Doby’s Mill Elementary principal; Lisa Shannon, Pine Tree Hill Elementary principal; Betty Turner, Baron DeKalb Elementary principal; Felicia Walker-Brantley, Leslie M. Stover Middle assistant principal; Matia Goodwin, Camden Elementary School of the Creative Arts assistant principal; Chet Horton, Applied Technology Education Campus interim director 2008-09; Cecil “Buddy” Cobb, ATEC interim assistant director; Allen Teal, district director of pupil services for 2008-09; Cecil McClary, district coordinator for recruitment, retention and evaluation


New teachers joining the district: 70-75

Portable classrooms being added: 7

August 7, 2008  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 46
August 7, 2008  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 47

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