Shades of Red S. C. Republican Primary Preview


For more information on absentee voting, visit the voter registration office at 515 Walnut St. More questions? Call (803) 424-4016 or (803) 424-4017.

Airport: ATEC, 874 Vocational Lane

Antioch: Antioch Headstart, 1591 Bishopville Highway

Bethune: Women’s Clubhouse, 200 Blacmon Street, South

Buffalo: Mt. Pisgah Elementary, 5160 Mt. Pisgah Road

Camden No. 1: City Arena, 513 Bull St.

Camden No. 2: Jackson school, 1109 Campbell St.

Camden No. 3: Phelps Auditorium, 416 Laurens St.

Camden No. 4: Catholic church, 1709 Littleton St.

Camden No. 5: Steeplechase Museum, 200 Knights Hill Road

Camden No. 5A: Sanders Creek Baptist Church, 520 Nelson Rd.

Camden No. 6: Kendall Clubhouse, 2001 Lakeshore Dr.

Cassatt: Midway Elementary, 1829 U. S. 1 North

Charlotte Thompson: Community Center, 524 Community Center, Rd.

Doby’s Mill: Doby’s Mill Elementary, 1964 Fort Jackson Road.

East Camden/ Hermitage: Pine Tree Hill Elementary, 1213 Lakeshore Dr.

Elgin No. 1: Blaney Baptist Church, 1400 Blaney Rd.

Elgin No. 2: Blaney Elementary, 1612 Smyrna Rd.

Elgin No. 3: Elgin Townhall, 2469 Main St.

Elgin No. 4: Leslie M stover middle, 1649 Smyrna Rd.

Elgin No. 5: Harmony Baptist Church, 998 Tookie Doo Lane

Gate’s Ford: Gate’s Ford Community Center, 4686 Bethune Road

Liberty Hill: Beaver Creek Fire Department, 3381 John G. Richards Road

Lugoff No. 1: Lugoff Elementary, 994 Ridgway Rd.

Lugoff No. 2: Lugoff-Elgin Middle, 1244 U.S. 1 South

Lugoff No. 3: Wateree Elementary, 424 Wildwood Lane

Lugoff No. 4: Lugoff-Elgin High, 1284 U. S. 1 South

Malvern Hill: Malvern Hill Baptist Church, 1514 Malvern Hill Drive

Rabon’s Crossroads: Pine Grove Fire Department, 833 Pine Grove Road

Riverdale: Kershaw County Recreation Department, 1042 West DeKalb St., for GOP primary; American Legion, 1333 Chestnut Ferry Road, for Democratic primary.

Salt Pond: Smyrna Methodist Church, 16 Smyrna Rd.

Shaylor’s Hill: Baron DeKalb Elementary, 2684 Baron DeKalb Road

Springdale: Northgate Baptist Church, 9105 Liberty Hill Road

Westville: Westville Fire Department, 2 Payne Pond Road

White’s Garden: Emmanuel Baptist Church, 1643 McRae Road.

January 13, 2008  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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