Many projects from the 2004 $175.5 million bond are completed or nearing completion. Unless otherwise noted, expected completion is in time for the first day of school.

Longleaf Middle: The district’s newest school, opening this fall at 1160 Longreen Parkway, will house an estimated 425-450 students. It is modeled after Kelly Mill Middle.

Dent Middle: The new school, rebuilt on the site of the previous school, will include, among other features, permanent facilities for TWO Academies, the district’s single-gender magnet program. While the main facility is expected to be open on the first day of the new year, the athletic field is still under construction, with expected completion in late fall.

Conder, Keels and Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary Schools: Renovations include cafeteria expansion, toilets renovations and replacement of much of the heating-air conditioning system.

Forest Lake Elementary: Toilet renovations and replacement of much of the heating-air conditioning system.

Center for Knowledge: Magnet program getting permanent facility on E.L. Wright Middle campus.

Spring Valley High: New school is being rebuilt on site of former school. The scheduled opening of the main academic building is December, with scheduled completion of the entire project in March 2009.

Windsor Elementary: Media center expansion, new cafeteria and kitchen, HVAC renovation. Scheduled completion is January.

Center for Inquiry: Magnetprogramis receiving permanent facilities on Summit Parkway Middle’s campus. Scheduled completion is December.


Katinia Davis, Longleaf Middle Keith Price, Blythewood High Lori Marrero, E..L. Wright Middle Maree Price, Nelson Elementary Kelli Alridge, Anna Boyd School


** Elementary schools will use the Smart Start program to identify gifted and talented students.

** The former Anna Boyd Child Development Program is now the Spear Creek Road Child Development program, located on the campus of Pontiac Elementary School. The Anna Boyd school at 7900 Brookmont Road, Columbia, is now an alternative school for elementary and middle school students.

** Twelve of Richland 2’s 15 elementary schools will have two assistant principals instead of one to help manageresponsibilities. Schools include Bethel-Hanberry, Bookman Road, Conder, Forest Lake, Keels, Lake Carolina, North Springs, Pontiac, Rice Creek, Round Top, Sandlapper and Windsor.

** Full-time teachers will work as instructional and content coaches for three years, with new teachers to Richland 2 to help them develop professionally in the classroom.

** Parents can surf the Parent Portal — a one-stop-shop for items of interest to parents, such as grades and attendance. NEW POLICIES

** In addition to policies prohibiting harassment, intimidation, bullying and sexual discrimination and harassment, all schools are smoke-free environments.




Construction is under way on many projects for the $102 million facilities upgrade.

Blaney Elementary: Renovations include an overhaul of all three classroom wings with new paint, heating and air conditioning system and floor tiles. Scheduled completion is December 2008.

Camden High: Renovations include a new auditorium, cafeteria addition, field house, auxiliary gym, wellness center and track. Scheduled completion is November 2008.

Camden Middle: New facility, with construction likely starting this school year. Scheduled opening is March 2009.

Lugoff-Elgin High: Renovations include a new auxiliary gym, locker rooms, wellness and training room, paved track, new public restrooms, concession stands between the football stadium and the baseball field, new bleachers for the softball and baseball fields, and upgrades to the existing locker rooms, tennis courts and practice fields. Scheduled completion is October 2008.

Lugoff-Elgin Middle: Construction started this summer on a new facility, with a scheduled opening of November 2008.

Jackson Elementary: Renovations include fixing moisture damage, but the district will build a new facility once funds are secured. No opening date for a new facility is known.


Frank Morgan, superintendent; Keith McAlister, assistant superintendent of operations; Jill Avery, Lugoff-Elgin High assistant principal; Felecia Brantley, Lugoff-Elgin High Freshman Academy assistant principal; Alicia Gaither, Lugoff-Elgin High assistant principal; Gerald Gary, Jackson Elementary principal; Chet Horton, ATEC assistant director; Byron Johnson, Camden High assistant principal; Lee Walker, Pine Tree Hill Elementary interim principal


— Compiled by Devon Copeland and Marjorie Riddle

August 9, 2007  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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August 9, 2007  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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