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KERSHAW COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT has announced its list of Golden Apple winners. The program recognizes certified and support staff with gift bags from the Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce.

APPLIED TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION CAMPUS: Marcia Geddings and Melissa Gainey, August: Larry Watkins and Chet Horton, September: Julie Putnam and Lisa Sweet, October; Lil Gaines and Mary Workman, November.

BARON DeKALB ELEMENTARY: Darlene Platt and Lucinda Howell, September; Jean Robinson and Ida Rwirangira, October; Kim Simon and Mildred Fletcher, November.

BLANEY ELEMENTARY: Beth Kearse and Eva Roach, September; Kara Ollick and Starr Murphy, October; Paula Bordner and Gloria McKay, November.

CAMDEN ELEMENTARY: Robyn Galloway and Edna Floyd, September; Tae Laney, and Linda Ellis, October; Stephanie Beckley and Martha Boykin, November.

CAMDEN HIGH: Roy Peebles and Herbert Simmons, September; Becky LaFrage and Vaughn Dew, October; Sharon Mayron and Otasha Morgan, November.

CAMDEN MIDDLE: Eunice Stukes and Edgar Innis, August; Dawn Gauvreau and Elease Ballard, September; Kathy Dozier and Deputy Sharon Green, October; Lisa Boron and Harris Baker, November.

CONTINUOUS LEARNING CENTER: Gwen Chandler and Kristi Hendrix, August; 1st Sgt. Isreal Edwards and Donna Taylor, September; Col. Walter Carpenter and Jackie Johnson, October; Alisha Seymour and Dr. Tylisa Hill, November.

DOBY’S MILL ELEMENTARY: Vickie McAlister and Casey Furman, August; Marilyn Perry and Nancy Williams, September: Tracy Bell and Shelina Caldwell, October; Audrey Burroughs and Etta Champion, November.

LESLIE M. STOVER MIDDLE: Sandy Smyrl and Wendy Saverence, August; Justine Qualls and Kiersten Ross, September; Kim Wiggins and Donna McIver, October; Bronwin Bartosh and Cheryl Council, November.

LUGOFF ELEMENTARY: Sara Fakoury and Pam Hollmon, August; Dianna Watson and Lynn Looney, September; Jackie Norton and Linda Gates, October; Nancy Mozingo and Betsy White, November.

LUGOFF-ELGIN HIGH: Margaret Nelson and Mike Brown, August: Jill Avery and Asa Davis, September; Janie Little and Joe Harvley, October; Linda Humphries and Jenny Proctor, November.

LUGOFF-ELGIN MIDDLE: Kari Meldrum and Joseph Murphy, August; Sandy Hall and Janet Haseldon, September; Anne Lemieux and Trudy Hall, October; Pollet Hampton and Delores Parnell, November.

PINE TREE HILL ELEMENTARY: Andrea Dole and Ronald Chestnut, August; Emily McLaughlin and Pat Stokes, September; Becky Stokes and Mikki Blankenship, October, Brooke Sullivan and Lynn Conto, November.

WATEREE ELEMENTARY: Linda Poeta and Rhoda Proctor, August; Althea Keitt and Linda York, September; Melissa Smith and Sharon Melton, October; Melissa Paul and Donna Hyatt, November.

December 21, 2006  State (published as The State) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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