Luther Eugene Hornsby

1932 Luther Eugene Hornsby was born December 22, 1932, in Elgin, Kershaw, South Carolina, the son of Holley Thomas Hornsby, Sr. and Janie Marie Heath Hornsby. 1940 Census Information: In 1940, Hollie Hornsby and Janie Marie Heath Hornsby resided with her brother, Ollie Heath who farm was valued at $500.00, in Wateree. Hollis worked for Works Progress Administration as a laborer on road construction.  Janie … Continue reading Luther Eugene Hornsby

Emma Dora Miles Bilbo

1927 Emma Dora Miles Bilbo was born in 1927 in Blaney, South Carolina, the daughter of Walter Leon Miles and Lillie Easter Owens Miles. 1930 Census Information: According to the United States Census recorded on May 3, 1930, Walter L Miles (41) owned a home in Wateree Township, Kershaw, South Carolina with his wife, Lillie E Miles (30). It was reported that they were married … Continue reading Emma Dora Miles Bilbo

Ella Branham Dillard Coker

1912 Ella Branham Coker was born October 14, 1912, in Blaney, S.C., the daughter Tom English Branham and Rebecca Jane Branham Branham. 1964 On August 18, 1964, Mrs. John Coker was listed as the living daughter in the obituary of Rebecca Jane Branham Branham. 1980 On April 17, 1980, Mrs. Ella Coker was listed as the living sister in the obituary of Sallie “Aunt Sallie” … Continue reading Ella Branham Dillard Coker

Leila Mae Hinson Ross

1912 Leila Mae Hinson Ross was born February 7, 1912 in Blaney, she was the daughter of the late Edward Garner Hinson and Nancy Rhett Ross Hinson. 1938 On September 21, 1938, Mrs. Jack Ross was listed in the newspaper article, “LoRhetta Valeria Ross.“ 1940 Census Information: Head of household, John Gary Ross (31); his wife, Lela Mae Hinson Ross (28); son, Lorane Arvid Ross (10); … Continue reading Leila Mae Hinson Ross