Margaret Koon Cobb

1909 Margaret Koon was born on 21 Apr 1909 in Elgin, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA a child of George Daniel Koon and Lue Ella Martin Koon. 1910 Margaret Koon was counted in the census on 01 Mar 1910 in Richland, South Carolina, USA, as a 11-months-old, female, single, daughter. Also in the home was her father, George D Koon; her mother, Luella Koon; and her … Continue reading Margaret Koon Cobb


January 24, 2002 | State, The (Columbia, SC)Page: ZONE-29 | Section: ZONLIVING-2 The state Department of Education released 2001 first-grade readiness scores on Tuesday. New first-graders took the Cognitive Skills Assessment Battery in August. Statewide, 86.4 percent of the 50,000 first-graders met the state’s readiness standard. Here are results from Richland 2 and Kershaw schools. School Percent ready RICHLAND 2 Bethel-Hanberry 78.3 Bookman Road 92.9 Edward L. Wright 95.5 … Continue reading FIRST-GRADE READINESS

Dennis James Porter Sr.

1952 Dennis James Porter Sr was born on 17 Jan 1952 in Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey, USA a child of William John Porter Sr. and Margaret VanHart Porter. 2002 He died on 15 Jan 2002 in Columbia, Richland, South Carolina, USA at Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital. Dennis James Porter Sr was buried on 19 Jan 2002 in Columbia, Richland, South Carolina, USA at Greenlawn Memorial … Continue reading Dennis James Porter Sr.


Everybody says Columbia and SCANA have negotiated a “win-win” agreement on the city bus system. But is it truly 50-50? Since 1931, Columbia has had a sweetheart deal to cover the costs of its transit system, a deal unique in the nation. We’re about to lose our old sweetheart. We’re about to gain a new tax. Any good news? Yes, but go back a hundred … Continue reading BUS SYSTEM MAY IMPROVE, BUT AT WHAT COST?