Donald W Hornsby


Donald W Hornsby was born on 03 Aug 1936 in South Carolina, USA a child of Otto Ernest Hornsby and Katherine Wages Hornsby.


Donald Harnsby was counted in the census on 06 Apr 1940 in Wateree, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA, as a 3-year-old, male, single, white, son. Also in the home was his father, Olla Harnsby; his mother, Catherine Harnsby; and his brother, Ernest Hornsby.


Donald W Hornsby was listed as  living in Savannah, Georgia as a surviving brother in Otto Hornsby’s obituary.

Only July 10, 1959, a damage suit of $120,00 was filed in Federal District Court, the Plaintiff was listed as Donald W Hornsby of Georgia, administrator of the estate of Otto E Hornsby, Jr.


Donald W Hornsby, Admn., etc versus C. W. Wooten was listed on the roster for the pending term of United States District Court


May of 1963, a girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Hornsby at Columbia Hospital. 


Donald W Hornsby was listed as living in Charleston, South Carolina as a living son in Katherine Wages Hornsby’s obituary.


Donald  W Hornsby, President of Beau Gator’s Inc applied for a Mini-bottle license.


He died on 06 Jan 1996 in Berkeley, South Carolina, USA. He was buried in North Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, USA at Carolina Memorial Park.

Donald W. Hornsby
1936 – 1996
Carolina Memorial Park
North Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina, USA


Donald W Hornsby was listed as a predeceased brother in Rodney E Hornsby’s obituary.

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