Another big honor: Good Samaritan John Fling, right, was honored recently by the folks he loves to help and who probably love him the most: the sight- impaired. The National Federation of the Blind of South Carolina presented Fling its Distinguished Service Award at its annual banquet.

Better late than . . . The Russian government had awarded Lexington resident John E. Simmons a medal commemorating the 40th anniversary of World War II. Trouble was, he didn’t know it. Simmons was talking with a friend in North Carolina recently who said, “You know, you’re authorized a medal.” Simmons, 67, made an inquiry and received the bronze medal this month from the Russian Embassy in Washington. The Navy veteran, who participated in action at Murmansk, was given the medal for his “outstanding courage and personal contribution to the allied support” of Russia. He also received a certificate signed by President Boris Yeltsin.

Blowing smoke: Former South Carolina Congressman Robin Tallon, now a lobbyist for the Tobacco Institute, has received a “jeer” from the Alliance For A Smoke-Free South Carolina. In its quarterly publication, The Smoke-Free Press, the alliance awarded a “jeer” to Tallon for his quote: “I feel like I’m doing the Lord’s work.”

Director hospitalized: Italian film director Federico Fellini, 73, was hospitalized in guarded condition Tuesday in Imini, Italy, after a stroke.

A flood of help: Country music star Clint Black is trying to coordinate relief efforts for rural Midwesterners hit hard by the flood of the century. Operation Heartland will provide money and supplies necessary to reopen small- scale, community-based social programs, such as child-care centers, food banks and clinics. Black will donate the proceeds of his Aug. 27 concert with Wynonna Judd in Des Moines. Tax-deductible donations can be made by calling (800) 678-7255 or by mailing them to Operation Heartland, 8320 Melrose Ave., Suite 200, Los Angeles, Calif. 90069.

The line judge done it: USA Today reports that tennis champ Martina Navratilova has signed a deal to write three mystery novels set — where else? — on the tennis circuit. She’ll work with writer Liz Nickles to fulfill a $1 million deal with Villard Books of Random House.


“I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve never found a refrigerator full of cats.”

Blaney Fire Chief David Bagwell,

talking about more than 50 dead cats firefighters found while putting out a blaze in a mobile home Saturday in Elgin

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Today in history

On this date 1830, plans for Chicago were laid out.

Today in WWII

On this date in 1943, on Sicily, British units closed in on Catania on the east coast, while American attacks were repulsed again at Troina in the rugged inland hills.


Do you support businesspeople taking up arms to defend their property from criminals?

”I don’t see where it would be profitable for any businessperson to maintain a gun for protection. It would ward people off.”

Mary Beth Kennedy, 23


”They should have a gun to protect their property, with all this vice and crime going on.”

Donell Evans, 37


”I can understand (the) frustration. But in a government in which the rule of law is the precept under which we operate, there’s got to be a system in which there are other protections (for property rights).”

Patton Adams, 50


Photos, bw1. Last-ditch effort: A crane sits near the levee north of Prairie Du Rocher, Ill., Tuesday after engineers intentionally broke through the levee. That flooded thousands of acres of farmland north of the city in an effort to divert Mississippi floodwaters coming from a broken levee upstream. Engineers hoped to save the historic town by flooding outlying areas. The Associated Press

2. John Fling

August 4, 1993  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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