In a stew over catfish

The whisker-worshing wags in Elgin make no bones about it. The media lunch they hold each November is a bribe, a shameless attempt to woo otherwise ethical journalist into writing stories -columns, no less – about the Elgin Catfish Stomp, coming up Dec. 3 in downtown (cough, cough) Elgin. They think we can be bought for a bowl of catfish stew. They’re wrong. I was … Continue reading In a stew over catfish

Kershaw picks Kelly and Moak

By JAN TUTEN Camden Bureau CAMDEN Incumbent Steve Kelly Jr. and A. T. “Hammy” Moak were the apparent winners of Kershaw County council seats, defeating incumbent. Don Nelson and Charlie Peebles. Kelly and Moak, both Republicans, received 8,480 and 7,673 votes respectively. The two Democrats were eliminated with all 29 precincts reporting. Nelson received 4,949 votes and Peebles got 4,423. Moak an Elgin restaurant owner, … Continue reading Kershaw picks Kelly and Moak