People often ask me questions about northeast Columbia, seeing as how I live there, often lunch with with the Spring Valley Rotary Club and was once a featured guest on North Springs Today.

Some questions I can answer.

I know where WCOS-FM morningman Steve Walker lives (Briarcliffe) and what time the Wall Street Amoco closes (10 on weekdays, midnight Friday and Saturday and 9 on Sunday.)

I know where you can find a good cup of coffee late at night (the Shoney’s in Lugoff) and where one finds the greatest number of runover possums (Hard Scrabble Road.)

I know how long Jabay Road is (1.2 miles) and what collegiate athletic team Swayze LeGrand supports (USC. Heck, you knew that already.)

I know where Phil Newsom buys groceries (the North Pointe Winn-Dixie) and the quickest way down Two Notch Road (Percival.)

But then there are questions I can’t answer.

For instance, what does the E. in E. Rabon Rodgers stand for? Where does John Monroe get his hair done? And do we need more shopping centers on Two Notch Road?

Perhaps you know the answers to these and other perplexing questions.

Is anyone really inspired by Rotary’s four-way-test signs near Country Gardens?

Can you get in trouble when you sneak around the malfunctioning railroad crossing guards on Clemson Road?

What exactly is Pontiac Chicken?

Does it rain less in Long Creek since Joe Pinner moved there?

Did people really offer money in exchange for a fish fry with John Hudgens at the Spring Valley Education Foundation auction?

Does the Beverage Outlet on Two Notch Road have an auto dealers license?

When is Bill Cotty opening up his new Wateree lakehouse to the public?

Whatever happened to Herb Tyler?

How fast can you go around the curve on Windsor Lake Boulevard and stay on your side of the road?

Do the four-way stop signs at Clemson and Hard Scrabble help?

Would you really take your children to a dentist named Stoney?

Whatever happened to the landscaping at the Two Notch/Decker/Parklane intersection?

Will the Zoom Flume be dry forever?

How come Spring Valley homeowners wanted a stoplight until the highway department said they’d have to pay for it?

Where do the ducks go when Cary Lake is drained?

Do we need two Waffle Houses within a mile of each other on Two Notch Road?

Does Mary Anne Cubelic Grant really work down at North Springs Park or does she just play basketball?

Who’s more important: Lloyd or Sue Hendricks?

What goes on in Mr. B’s Railroad Tavern?

And does anybody ever run into Alex English at the WildeWood Food Lion?

If you or your loved ones know the answers to any of these though- provoking queries, please call or drop me a line.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Jennifer Nicholson is community editor of the Northeast Neighbors. Call her at 771-8507 or write c/o Neighbors, P.O. Box 1333, Columbia, S.C. 29202.

July 7, 1988  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 70

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