Michael Laverne Moore

1950 Michael Laverne Moore was born February 23, 1950 in Richland County, a son of Horace Laverne Moore and Mrs. Mary Lee Ellen Oswalt Moore. 1971 On November 6, 1971, Michael Laverne Moore was listed in the newspaper article “Moore – Kelly.” 1975 On July 5, 1975, Michael Laverne Moore was listed as a living father in the obituary of Infant Daughter Moore. 1988 Michael … Continue reading Michael Laverne Moore


People often ask me questions about northeast Columbia, seeing as how I live there, often lunch with with the Spring Valley Rotary Club and was once a featured guest on North Springs Today. Some questions I can answer. I know where WCOS-FM morningman Steve Walker lives (Briarcliffe) and what time the Wall Street Amoco closes (10 on weekdays, midnight Friday and Saturday and 9 on … Continue reading LOOKING FOR ANSWERS