S. C. Election Filings by County

The following are candidates who have filed for election to countywide offices in South Carolina. The candidates will vie for their party nomination during primary elections on June 14. Incumbents are listed in bold.

Abbeville County

Sheriff – Democrat: “William C “Bill” Stone and Charles H Goodwin.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Nancy S. King.

Aiken County

County Council – Council Chairman: Republican: Carrol Warner; Democrat: Larry Murphy; District 3; Republican: Ray Dobbs, Teresa Ridgeway, Dan Sanders; Democrat: LaWana McKenzie, Bob Mock; District 7: Republican: Peter Bischopp, Alan Brodie and Russ Ferara: District 8: Democrat: Willar Hightower.
Sheriff – Republican; Carrol Heath, Jerry James and George McCormick Sr. Democrat: Dan Edwins, Ralph Gunnells and Robert Voight.
Clerk of Court – Republican: Sonya Cox, Democrat: Liz Copper-Godard.

Allendale County

County Council – District 1: Democrat: James Pickney: District 4: Democrat J. W. Wall

Anderson County

County Council – District 1: Democrat: Jimmy Cox; District 2: Democrat: David Hooper, Jack Ellenburg, James C Callaham Sr. and Jean Cole; District 3: Republican: Bill Bates; Democrat: Robert Wiles, Vernon Wentzky Sr., Fred Bratcher, Wendell Cox, Harvie Banister and Allen Ashley: District 4: Republican; R. D. Woods; Democrat: Rufus Revis Sr., Gene Callahan, Gene Gothran, Elise Crane Cahaly and Dan Rhodes; District 5; Democrat; Mike Holden, Harold Beebe and Carl Dixon.
Sheriff – Republican: Rufus Mitchell Jr. and Gene Taylor; Democrat: E. E. Cooley, David L Coffee and Jerry Wiles Sr.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Linda Johnston DeShields.

Bamberg County

County Council – District 1: Democrat: Robert Smith; District 4: Democrat: Joseph Anderson, St. Clair P Guess; District 5: Democrat: Isiah Odom: District 7: Democrat: Charles M Kinsey Jr. 
Sheriff – Democrat: Ed Darnell
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Isabella Crosby, Barbara Hiers and James B. Hiers.

Barnwell County

County Council – At-Large: Republican: Robbie Wise; Democrat: Herman L Black, Johnnie R Jenkins and Terri J. Willis; Williston District: Republican: Mike Ridgeway; Democrat: Tom Jackson and Howard Gilchrist: Barnwell District: Republican: M. O. Khan, Bob Webster and Dewitt Zorn; Democrat: Wayne Jordan and Foy Dyches.
Sheriff –  Republican: Joe Zorn. Democrat: Floyd Atkinson, Marvin E. Carroll, Ben Duncan, Jay Gantt and Charles Sanders.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: J. E. Hair Jr. and Carolyn Turner.

Beaufort County

County Council – At-large: Republicans: William Bowen, William Greenwood and Joel Martin; Democrat: Liz Santigati; Beaufort-Bluffton seat: Republican Lynn Wiles, Cecil Reynolds and Ernest Sewall; Democrat: Gary Fordham and Bud Marchant: Hilton Head seat: Republican: Gordon Craighead; St. Helena seat: Republican: Frank Gibson: Democrat: Gary McBride; Sheldon seat: Democrats: Joseph Kline.
Clerk of Court – Republican: Millie Boyce; Democrats: W. Henry Jackson.

Berkeley County

County Council – District 1: Republican: Gene Woods Jr.; Democrat: Tommy Simmons; District 2: Republican: Judith K Spooner; District 3: Republican: Merrill Cox and Bob Call; Democrat: Hank Niles.

Calhoun County

County Council – District 1: Democrat: David Summers: District 2: Democrat: Don Rickenbaker. 
Sheriff – Democrat: David Whetstone.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: J. Keitt Wannamaker.

Charleston County

County Council – North Charleston: Republican: C. C. Wannamaker and Keith Summey: Democrat: Keith Thompson and Floyd Craven; West Ashley; Republican: Donald Morillo; Democrat: Betsy Kerrison; City of CHarleston; Democrat: Linda Lombard.
Sheriff – Democrat: Al Cannon.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Howard Taylor.

Cherokee County

County Council – District 1: Democrat: Rufus Foster; District 3: Democrat: Hazel Lovelace; district 4: Democrat: Francis McCraw and Allen Fowler; District 6: Democrat: Drayton Queen and Hoke Parris.

Chester County

County Council – Democrat: Donald B. Murray, Marion M. Thomas, Joe Branham and Joe H. Lee.
Sheriff – Republican: James H Baldwin; Democrat: Bobby Orr, County Coroner O. L. Stroud Jr., David E. Crosby.
Clerk of Court – Republican:  Paul S. Clarkson; Democrat: W. Penn Colvin and Sue K Carpenter.

Chesterfield County

County Council – Seat 1: Republican: Bernie Ballard; Democrat: Eddie Rivers; Seat 4; Democrat: Ida Mae Burch; Seat 6; Democrat: A. J. Calder and Glenn Odom.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Elizabeth Eddins.

Clarendon County

County Council – Chairman: Democrat: G. H. Hardy, Betty Roper, Ed Dinkins and Dr. Preston Fitzgerald; District 2: Democrat: Robbie Hodge and Walter Richburg.
Sheriff – Democrat: Horace Swilley.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Joseph W. Coker.

Colleton County

County Council – District 3: Democrat: Floyd Buckner; District 5: Democrat: L. D. Craven.
Sheriff – Democrat: C. E. Ackerman Jr., Cecil E. Lee, Louie E. Fender, Wayne S. Garris, Thomas L. Reeves, Ryan L. Still and Ronald Strickland.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Ena O. Reed.

Darlington County

County Council – Seat 1: Republican; Carter Weaver; Democrat: Wilson “Buddy” Duncan Huntley Jr., Jimmy Stone and Louis Jones; Seat 3:  Democrat: Wilhelmina Johnson and Bobby Bryant; Seat 5; Democrat: Pat Lowder Patrick and Jerrel Sansbury; Seat 7;  Democrat: Ed Bryant, Paul Brown, Doc Gainey Jr., Wayne Sims, Marvin Windham and Lewis Brown.
Sheriff – Democrat: Glenn Campbell, Thomas R. Taylor, Alex Buz Shaw and Roy F Williams Jr.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Marvin Lawson.

Dillon County

County Council – Seat 1: Democrat: Macio Williamson, Hubert C. Smith and Randy L. Goings; Seat 2: Democrat: Horace Arnette and Charles Spivey; Seal 3; Democrat: Humbert M Grice and Thomas Paige; Seat 4: Democrat: Chester Taylor and Larry B Fore.
Sheriff – Democrat: Harold Grice.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Joyce A Jinnette, Linda Carter, Carroll E. Hamilton and Charles D. Taylor.

Dorchester County

County Council – District 4: Republican: Tom Brown and Bill McElhany; Democrat; Albert Glover and Richard Sweat; District 5; Republican: Heyward Hudson and Warren Kaul; Democrat: Burford Blanton; District 6: Republican: Sharon Chellis and Carl Sellars; Democrat: Charles McGill.
Sheriff – Republican: Carroll Crosby and J. C. Woodberry; Democrat: Carl Knight.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Margie Carn.

Edgefield County

County Council – District 1: Republican: Chris G Padgett; Democrat: Albert F. Talbert and Norman Dorn; District 2: Democrat: Lovick Mimms III; District 3: Democrat: E. O. “Sonny” Dukes; District 4: Democrat: Willie C. Bright: District 5: Republican: John O Rikard Jr. and John Morgan; Democrat: Mark I  McNair and Hazel Mathis Kitchens.
Sheriff – Democrat: Henry Mosley, Raymond “Billy” Parker.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Allen H. Dunn.

Fairfield County

County Council – Republican: Janelle G. Yocum; Democrat: Ann Frazier Pope, Robert W. Davis, Carnell Murphy, Dennis Irby, Donnie Barber and Joe Spires.
Sheriff – Democrat: Leroy I “Bubba” Mountgomery and Willie Wade Davis.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Dorcas Anderson.

Florence County

County Council – Seat 2: Democrat: Joe W. King and Bill Blazen; Seat 4: Democrat: L. R. Perry and Ted Vause; Seat 5: Republican: A. C. Allen; Democrat: Binky Miles; Seat 9 Republican: Shirley Corbett, Bobby Hodges; Democrat: Kenneth Strickland.
Sheriff –  Democrat: William C Barnes.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: George E. Terry.

Georgetown County

County Council – Seat 3: Democrat: Matthew Mack Brunson and Thomas Earl Drayton: Seat 2: Democrat: Alfred B. Schooler and Neil Lewis; Seat 4: Democrat: Eugene L. Johnson, Willie Jean Johnson and Clarence Joyner; Seat 5: Democrat: H. Edsel Hemingway.
Sheriff – Democrat: Michael R. Carter.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Betty L Williams.

Greenville County

County Council – District 18: Republican: Richard A Ashmore; Democrats: Paul Greer and Bill Morrow: District 20; Republican; Dick Herdkiotz; District 21; Republican: Robert W. Leach; District 22: Republican: Paul Wickensimer: District 24: Republican: C. Wade Cleveland and C. Darrell Floyd; Democrat: Jo Bell; District 25: Democrat: Rev. E. B. Dixon and Ray Arceneaux; district 27; Republicans; George Bomar.
Sheriff – Democrat: Johnny Mack Brown.
Clerk of Court – Republican: Richard Weatherington: Democrats: Caroline “Kitty” Mattos.

Greenwood County

County Council – District 1; Republican; Tom Taylor; Democrat; Willie Neal Norman Jr.; District 2: Democrat: Virgil McDriskill; District 3: Democrat: Gonza Lee Bryant; District 4: Republican; Calhoun A Mays III and John Trey Ward III; Democrat: Pat Brennan and John A. McAllister Jr.; District 5: Republican: Daniel A. “Dan” Richardson: Democrat: Carroll H Brooks and Theordore Rapp: District 5: Republican: Alan Boatwright and Joe Matthews; Democrat: Carl W. Scigler and Charles M. “Chuck” Watson Jr.; District 7: Democrat: Belle Kennette, Jerome M Spearman and Earl Smith.
Sheriff – Republican: Rick Thompson, Democrat: Samuel P Riley.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Pat Estes.

Hampton County

County Council – Two seats, At-large: Democrat: Jimmy Bilka, Frank Farmer, Buck Harvey, Louise G. Hopkins, Joseph Lewis, A. J. Mew and Jimmy Wood.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Helen Youmans.

Horry County

County Council – Seat 3: Republican: Grayson Register; Democrat; David C Turner and James Frank Burgess; Seat 4: Democrat: Dewey J. Kirkley; Seat 6: Republican: John Urvan; Democrat: Alton Duncan; Seat 9; Republican: Avery Hamilton: Democrat: W. Paul Prince, Ronald W. Ward and Joe D. McCormick: Seat 10: Republic: Mary Miller; Democrat: Johnny M Shelley.
Sheriff – Republican: Gene Johnson, Leon Cannon and Guy Osborne: Democrat: John T. Henry Jr., Arlon L Small, John Henry Brown and Jobe Biain.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Billie G Richardson.

Jasper County

County Council – At-large: Democrat: D. P. Lowther; Hardeeville Township: J. J. Black and Danny McKenzie: Pocotailheo Township: Gene Cleland and Ervin Green.
Sheriff – Democrat: Randy Blackmon and James O. Cannick.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Margaret Bostick and Mary Corpening.

Kershaw County

County Council – Two at-large seats: Republican; Steve S. Kelly Jr. and Hammy Moak: Democrat: Don H. Nelson, Charlie Peebles and Carla Parker.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Tillie Goodson.

Lancaster County

County Council – Four at-large seats: Democrat: Lindsay Pettus, Malcolm Robinson, Billy Sowell, Wesley Beckman, Maxy Hammond, Arthur Harper, Gil Small and Otis W Lathan.
Sheriff – Democrat: Williford Faile.
Clerk of Court –  Democrat: Vernon McManus.

Laurens County

County Council – District 2: Republican: James D “Jim” Gregory; Democrat; Don H Jackson, James B Williams, James A Coleman; District 3: Democrat: Edward A McDaniel; District 6: Republican: David Schumpert and Henry A Young Jr.; Democrat: Sandy Cruickshans, Peter Kinard Jr. William E Adair Jr., and Stonewall J Craig; District 7: Republican: John T. “Tommy” Padgett; Democrat: Hugh Jacobs and Joesph V. Edwards Jr.
Sheriff – Democrat: Former Sheriff R. Eugene Johnson and William P. Robertson.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Barbara Wasson, Deborah G. McClain and Amelia D Childress.

Lee County

County Council – District 1: Democrat: Joe Arledge, Ben E Watkins, Glenn Tisdale and Archie Car Marshall; District 2: Democrat: A. L. McCaskill, Thomas Woodham and Terry Scarborogh; District 5: Democrat: Herman Felix and E. K. Best.
Sheriff – Democrat: L. Liston Truesdale and O’Dell Corbett.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: James I Davis.

Lexington County

County Council – District 1: Republican: Tye Campbell and Harvey Wise; Democrat: Tommy Glenn; District 3: Republican; Jerry Howard. Democrat, Frank Hook; District 4: Republican: Paul Peteres: Democrat: Rusell Shealy; district 5; Republican; Robert Sox: District 6: Republican; Alvin Neal and William Collins.
Sheriff – Republican: James Metts.
Clerk of Court – Republican: John Bearden and William Belk.

Marion County

County Council – Seat 1: Republican; Bill Johnson; Democrat: Laura White, John Q Atkinson Jr. and James R Neely; Seat 2: Democrat: John A Padgett, J. Roth Snowden and Johnny Wiggins: Seat 4: Democrat: Jimmy Crews; Seat 6 – Democrat: G. C. White and Jerry Mason.
Sheriff – Democrat: Bud Richardson and Jeff Richardson
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Martha L Saxon.

Marlboro County

County Council – Seat 2: Democrat: Earl E. Sweat; Floyd B. Walker, Ernest H Ayers and Steven G. Frazier; Seat 3: Democrat: Billy Moore and Braxton B. Sanders IV; Seat 5;  Democrat: Milton M. Moore Jr.; Seat 6: Democrat: Pat Odom and Giles Jack Graves.
Sheriff – Democrat: Charles E. Foley and G. R. “Randy” Woodberry.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Charlie B Usher.

McCormick County

County Council – Republican: Charles Quaries; Democrat: Micheal D. Brown, Robertson Gilchrist and Will C. Silvers.
Sheriff – Democrat: George H. Reidro.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Kathryne “Kitty” P. Butler and Betty Carol McKinney.

Newberry County

County Council – District 1: Democrat: R.M. Duckett II, Darrell Gilliam, Curtis L. Taylor and Arthur C. Sparks; District 2: Democrat: John E. Seibertro, Charles Lake Dominick, and Jacob A. “Andy” Bowers III: District 4: Republican: Dale Dominick: Democrat: D. Wyman Cook: District 5: Democrat: Henry B Summer.
Sheriff – Republican: Burt Hepler: Democrat: Tom Summer, Lee Foster and Carl Osborne.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Jackie S. Bowers.

Oconee County

County Council – Seat 2: Democrat: Jerry Dyar and James R. Lecroy: Seat 4: Democrat: Martin D. Watkins, Jack Norwood and Roy Strickland; Seat 5; Democrat: Alton Williams, Linda Sailer and Johnny D. Stone.
Sheriff – Democrat: Earl Holcombe.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Sallie Smith.

Orangeburg County

County Council – District 1: Democrat: George Asbury and Chapel Davis; District 2: Democrat: Fred Mack: District 3: Democrat: Vernon Ott; District 4: Democrat: Danny Covington: District 5: Democrat: James Walsh and Ken Mosely; District 6: Democrat: James McGee; District 7: Democrat: John Rickenbacker.
Sheriff – Republican: Andy Myers: Democrat: C. R. Smith Jr., Marion Brothers.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Doug Murdaugh.

Pickens County

County Council – District 3: Republican: Rudy O. Stancell and Guy Waldrop: Democrat: Charles D. Grant: District 4: Republican: Neil Smith: Democrat: Norman Langston; District 5: Republican; Bill Houston; Democrat: Marion C. Owens; District 6: Republican: Sam Callaway: Democrat: W. B. “Buddy” Dublin Jr.
Sheriff – Republican: Lonnie J Saxon: Democrat: C. David Stone
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Oliver A. Nealy.

Richland County

County Council – Republicans: Chuck Bowen, Leone Castles, W. E. “P-weh” Harris, Ray McKay, John Monroe, Stephen F. Morris, Gus Roberts and C. Eben Young; Democrats: Tom Boney, Andy Chishom, Bob Coble, Gene Dinkins, W. D. “Son” Grimsley, Darrell Jackson, Paul Livingston, George D. Martin Jr., Pawley Patton, Kit Smith and J. L. Wiliams.
Sheriff – Republican: Allen Sloan, Billy Taylor and Al Samra; Democrat: Rhett Jacobs, Rick Johnson, Harvey Kelly and Paul Brawley.
Clerk of Court – Republican; Duane A Earles; Democrat: Barbara A. Scott.

Saluda County

County Council – District 2: Democrat: Harry Mitchell and Bettis G. Herlong Jr.; District 4: Democrate: Leonard Wallace and Paul D. Riddle.
Sheriff – Democrat: William Earl Ross, Dudley Rushton and Prevo Rodgers.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Doris B. Holmes.

Spartanburg County

County Council – Republican: David Dennis and David Whitener.
Sheriff – Republican: Bill Coffee, Bob Marshall and Charles Snipes.

Sumter County

County Council – District 1: Democrat: Otis Scott; District 3: Republican; Chuck Fienning; Democrat: Earl Pack: District 5: Democrat: Reben L. Gray: District 7; Republican: E. M. Watt; Democrat: James A. Campbell and T. A. Gus Green.
Sheriff – Republican: Tommy Mims: Democrat: Wayne Sims, Johnny Nesbitt, Jerome Geddings, Elisha Garland and Carl M Brown.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: O. V. Player Jr.

Union County

County Council – District 2: Democrat: James Robert Martin; District 3: Democrat: Carroll Cathcart, Everette Leigh, Nina Greer, Steve Ramsey; District 5: Republican: Curtis M. Dunbar: Democrat: Vicki Harris, Lewis Jeter: District 6: Democrat Mickey Gist and States Gregory. 
Sheriff – Republican: James E Austin; Democrat; William Jolly, James Lane.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: June Miller.

Williamsburg County

County Council – Democrats: Sam Cottingham, Kenneth Kennedy and Andy McKnight.
Sheriff – Republican: Jerry Bigham; Democrat; Theodore McFarlin and Sammie Stuart.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: Carolyn Williams.

York County

County Council – District 1: Republican: Cliff Heath; Democrat: Murray White; District 2: Republican; Peggy Upchurch; Democrat: Thomas Simms, John Barnett and Albert Smith; District 3: Democrat: Bob Moore, Bobby Wallace and J. B. Comer: District 4: Republican: Mary Mercer: Democrat: John Douglas, Harold Walker, Lloyd Shaw and Melvin McCullough: District 5: Democrat: Joe Newton and William McWaters; District 6; Republican: David Vipperman; District 7: Democrat: Caldwell A. Barron.
Sheriff – Republican: Freida Carter Kerns, George Eaton and Ken Pruett; Democrat: Joe Mitchell, Gail Maggart, J. C. Jolly and Roy Russell.
Clerk of Court – Democrat: M. H. Carroll.

1988.04.01 - SC Election Filings by County
April 1, 1988 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 10

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