Yesterday In The State

Here is a sampling from the pages of The State of business-related news 25, 10 and five years ago. Complied by Elizabeth Whisnant.


The debut of a weekly newspaper published for and by black citizens was announced in Columbia. The Palmetto Times was published by Ethel Ford-Hart, and Albert E. Hart was executive editor.

Labor Day 1962 found some 7.5 million non-farm wage and salary workers employed in the eight-state Southeast region. Non-agricultural employment was at a higher level in the region than on any previous Labor Day.

Elgin National Watch Co. broke ground for a new plant in Blaney. The planned 70,000-square-foot watch manufacturing building was to employ 240.


Burlington Industries announced consolidation of its industrial fabrics operations at Dillon and Cheraw to the James River plant in Cheraw.

Perrier, the French bottling firm, distributed its drink to supermarkets at 20 percent to 30 percent lower prices than the normal. The bottling firm felt the reduced prices were necessary to complete with the U. S. soft drink industry.

Charleston was ranked the 11th port in American in trade, up from 12th place in 1974.


General Electric in Greenville was one of the first South Carolina companies to feel the effects of President Reagan’s prohibition against U. S. companies’ involvement in the Soviet natural gas pipeline. GE had been manufacturing rotor sets for 125 gas turbines that would be used on the pipeline.

Companies in the Carolinas followed the stock market’s soaring trend as falling interest rates improved the economic outlook. Piedmont Airlines was one of the most active Carolinas stocks, as was R. J. Reynolds.

Army officials were present at FN Manufacturing in Columbia to accept the “first article test report” of the FN-produced M-240 machine gun.

Imports took the largest share of the U. S. automobile market in history. About 199,000 foreign cars were sold in the United States in August, accounting for 32.7 percent of all car sales that month.

August 31, 1987  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 38

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