Elgin Catfish Stomp activities scheduled

Committee members are putting the final touches on the 11th annual Elgin Catfish Stomp, scheduled for this Kershaw County town Dec. 6.

Additional activities are set for Friday night, Dec. 5 and Sunday afternoon, Dec. 7.

The focal point of the Catfish Stomp will be the serving of hundreds of gallons of catfish stew in the Blaney School Cafeteria, just off U. S. 1 in Elgin.

The stomp will feature a Christmas parade beginning at the 10 a.m. along with day-long events such as carnival rides, arts and crafts and free musical entertainment.

Information on the Stomp for parade, arts and crafts and others may be obtained by contacting Margie Howard at 438-9236 or 438-5669.

November 21, 1986  Columbia Record (published as THE COLUMBIA RECORD)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 27

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