Mack Ausman Branham

1904 Mack Ausman Branham was born on October 18, 1904 in Elgin, he was a son of Lawrence Branham and Annie Sharpe Branham. 1961 On August 21, 1961, Mac Branham was listed as an active pallbearers in the obituary of Ronald Claude Hatfield Sr. 1964 On January 1, 1964, Mack Branham was listed as the living husband in the obituary of Mrs. Helen Elizabeth Branham. … Continue reading Mack Ausman Branham

Fund-raising dinner, sale set

A Chicken Bar-B-Que / Arts and Crafts Sale, sponsored by the Sand Hill Heights Baptist Church Building Fund, will be held at Blaney School Cafeteria, in Elgin, Saturday from 11 a.m. until supper. Dinner will cost $4 for one-half chicken, slaw, rice, baked beans, tea and bread. For more information, contact Bonnie Creekmore at 754-8794 or Sylvia Flynn at 754-8268. Continue reading Fund-raising dinner, sale set