Catfish Stomp cook carries big shopping list

ELGIN – When the chief cook for Elgin Catfish Stomp goes grocery shopping, he carries a big list.

Larry Nelson and 20-25 other volunteers will cook about 300 gallons of stew for the 1985 edition of the Catfish Stomp scheduled Dec. 7 in this Kershaw County community.

To prepare the stew, he and his cooking helpers will use: 375 pounds of catfish filets, 320 pounds of onions, 80 pounds of fatback, 138 large cans of tomato soup, 16 cases of diced potatoes, and 10 pounds each of salt and pepper.

Preparation of the stew begins Friday morning, Dec 6 with the frying of the fatback. The actual stew cooking will be that afternoon and continue through early Saturday morning using a host of 15-gallon pots. It takes about four hours per batch of stew.

The big Stomp Day on Dec. 7 opens with an 80-unit parade at 10 a.m. followed by the serving of the stew in the Blaney School cafeteria.

Throughout the day there will be carnival rides, arts and crafts and free entertainment including country western music, clogging and gospel music.

Proceeds from the Elgin Catfish Stomp go towards purchasing equipment for the Blaney Volunteer Fire Department.

November 29, 1985  Columbia Record (published as THE COLUMBIA RECORD)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 33

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