Too many students may mean replacing Blaney Elementary

As Elgin’s population has grown, Blaney Elementary School has tried to grow with it, adding temporary, mobile schoolrooms. But now, the expansion has progressed so far that there’s no more room left in the school. By MARGARET B. SPROTTCamden Bureau ELGIN The addition of 80 students at Blaney Elementary School this year has revived the possibility of replacing the Elgin school, which is becoming overcrowded … Continue reading Too many students may mean replacing Blaney Elementary

Christine Hazel Hornsby Rose

1916 Christine Hazel Hornsby Rose was born August 25, 1916, in Kershaw County, daughter of William Hornsby and Dora Jackson Hornsby. 1964 On November 8, 1964, Mrs. Christine Rose was listed as a living sister in the obituary of Hollie Thomas Hornsby, Sr. 1967 On April 26, 1967, Mrs. Christine Hornsby Rose was listed as the living wife in the obituary of Walter E Rose. … Continue reading Christine Hazel Hornsby Rose