Children Dream Up A Feast


If the traditional Thanksgiving dinner were the responsibility of first-graders, it would be a feast indeed, according to Claudia Ross’ recent survey of her class at Blaney Elementary School.

The students said they would visit either local grocers or “the turkey place” and select birds weighing from 25 to 125 pounds.

Then what?

“Take the paper off,” Chris Lee said. “Put on the foil,” Kenny Brazell suggested. “Leave the turkey the way it is, put some salt on it and roast it in a pot,” Desi Labanoski recommended.

Courtney Starling would add a touch of ketchup and barbecue sauce, and Shawn Lee would throw in “some pepper and red stuff.”

The recipes of Holly Hornsby and Kyle Robinson called for adding salad or cherries before popping the bird in the oven.

Cook from three minutes to 12 hours, and serve with a sandwich, noodle soup, assorted vegetables, pound cake, ice cream and Kool-Aid.

Bon Appetit.

November 25, 1982  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
Page 41

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