Conference Announces Church Appointments

The Columbia annual conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, which was held in Spartanburg with Trinity A. M. E. Church as host has ended.

Appointments were made by Bishop William F. Ball Sr.

They were as follows:

COLUMBIA DISTRICT – Dr. B. C. Cunningham, presiding elder – Bethel, Dr. J. Arthur Holmes; St. James, Rev. J. C. Bates: Chappelle Memorial, Rev. J. H. Gillison; Bishops Memorial, Rev. Alex Findley; Turner Memorial, Rev. D. J. Zeigler; Mt. Pisgah, Rev. J. R. A. Nelums; New Bethel, Rev. Johnny Yeadon; Pleasant Spring, Rev. C. C. Dixon; Irmo Circuit, Rev. V. A. Janerette; St. Paul Circuit, Rev. L. M. Seward; Spring Hill Circuit, Rev. C. C. McIlwaine; Edgefield Circuit, Rev. L. G. Gambel; Little Mountain Circuit, Rev. Norma Sweet; Calvary, Rev. J. H. Bates; Jones Chapel, Rev. S. E. Hicks; Piney Grove, Rev. Mack Cooper; Youngs Chapel, Rev. Warren Minnifield.

N COLUMBIA DISTRICT – Dr. William F. Ball, Jr. presiding elder – High Hill, Rev. N. H. Johnson; St. Philip, rev. Joseph Frazier; Emanuel, Rev. J. L. Smith; Lagree Station, Rev. I. B. Herbert; Willow Grove, Rev. R. Robinson; Bethel Station, Rev. T. F. Cathcart; Orange Hill, Rev. Melvin Coleman; St. Paul, Rev. George Ashford; St. Paul, No. 2, Rev. N. A. Hinton; St. Luke, Rev. Willie Tucker; Brown Chapel, Rev. D. R. White; Blaney, Rev. Henry Duncan; Shiloh, Rev. Melvin Williams; Shady Grove, Rev. Melvin Williams; Rock Hill and Jacob Mission, Rev. T. H. Dickerson; New St. Phillip, Rev. Henry Duncan; Redder Point, Rev. I. J. Jones; Allen Chapel, Rev. William Cooper; Reid Chapel, Rev. A. M. Bonner; Pine Grove, Rev. Nathaniel Allen.

SPARTANBURG DISTRICT – Dr. A. D. Dawkins, presiding elder – Trinity Station, Dr. B. J. Rev. C. R. Hawthorne; New Hope Station, Rev. D. W. Broughton; Eastern Circuit, Rev. J. C. Roache; Wayman Station, Rev. James Rice; Shady Grove, Rev. Andrew Holtz; New Chapel Circuit, Rev. T. Eichelburger; Mt. Zion Circuit, Rev. R. W. Reaves; Fairview Station, Rev. E. M. McCullough; Bethel Station, Rev. R. S. Turner; Taylor Chapel Circuit, Rev. S. J. Brandley; Greater Trinity Station, Rev. J. C. Gasque: Stover Chapel, Rev. J. W. Witherspoon; Carlisle Circuit, Rev. John Mack; St. John Circuit, Rev. Prophet Davis; Little White Hall, Rev. J. C. Gasque; Old Free Hope, Rev. C. R. Robinson; Rock Hill Station, Rev. W. B. Brown; Friendship, Rev. C. R. Hawthorne: St. Peter, Rev. O. E. Wilson; Bethlehem, Rev. C. H. Simon; New Free Hope, Rev. C. W. Herbert; Pine Grove, Rev. W. B. Brown.


Dr. A. B. King, president elder – Providence Circuit, Rev. L. E. Crumlin; Mt. Moriah Circuit, Rev. W. W. Williams; Hannah Circuit, Rev. Arnett Keitt; St. James Circuit, Rev. W. S. Young; Silverstreet Circuit, Rev. M. W. Jackson; Miller Chapel, Rev. Williams McDonald; Mt. Olive Circuit, Rev. Frank Alston; Newberry Circuit, Rev. James Moody; Helena Circuit, Rev. John Burrough; Waterre Circuit, Rev. A. A. Amaker; Mt. Hebron Circuit, Rev. J. H. Dewalt; Shiloh, Rev. J. R. Whittaker; Mt. Nebo Mission, Rev. David Boyd; Sweet Spring Mission, Rev. R. L. Sligh; Thomas Chapel Mission, Rev. R. L. Sligh and the Rev. Robert L. Sligh.

The Rev. Melvin Williams and the Rev. Robert L. Sligh were ordained itinerant deacons by Bishop Ball. He ordained Rev. John Mack and itinerant elder and the Rev. A. R. Reid was transferred to the Palmetto Conference.

Bishop Ball will hold the South Carolina Annual Conference at Mt. Zion A. M. E. Church in Charleston on Nov. 4-8.

The Piedmont Conference will be held at St. James A. M. E. Church in Abbeville, Nov. 11-15. The Central Conference will meet at Bethel A. M. E. Church in St. Matthews, Nov. 25-29.

November 2, 1970  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
Page 42

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