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Bubee Defended By Superintendent

To the Editor:

I read the letter, “Reader Defends Private Schools,” by Mrs. R. G. Vassy, Lynchburg, in the November 26 edition of The State.

Our State Superintendent of Education, Cyril B. Busbee, was grossly misunderstood, and has been taken out of context.

Mr. Busbee desires quality education for every child in South Carolina and is not the type of person who wishes “to dictate his ideas and those of the federal government.” No one realizes this better than I, as I have served in administration with Mr. Busbee and know him to be a most efficient, most understanding and very farsighted educator. Our schools have been affected much by his professional leadership.

I am happy that Mrs. Vassy is well-pleased with her education system and that her children are progressing. New purses and new school buildings do not make quality education but competent leadership and well-trained teachers do.

We are so fortunate in having Mr. Busbee and we should cooperate and praise rather than criticize.

B. E. Livingston

Blaney School,

December 2, 1967  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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