Richland Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers recently recorded in the office of John R. T. Major, Richland County clerk of court, include:

William J. Kasparvich and Mary Elizabeth Kasparvich $5 and other valuable consideration to Robert W. Harmon and Mary L. Harmon, Fairmount Rd.

Willie Mae Garrick $3,300 to Dorothy Mary Moncrief, Richland County

G. W. Clark $1,000 to Fred I Grooms and Annie Ruth Grooms, Blaney St.

Paul F. Stanton $1,200 and assumption of mortgage to Harry Lawton Salisbury, Richland County,

James B. Perry, $19,250 to Hampton Massie James Jr., Highland Park Dr.

Don E. Taylor and Assoc. Construction Co. $5 to Arnold Bernstein, Richland County.

Annelle Allen Earles and Harry Lee Allen $6,666 to Albert S. Allen, Kinard St.

Economy Construction Corp. $12, 975 to Robert Marley Jr. and Hattie A. Marley, Acme St.

James D. Lamkir $21,750 to Robert B. Ray Jr. Locust Rd.

Louise S. McLain $26,500 to James M. Black ad Virginia T. Black, Richland County.

Gordon A. Harrison $16,250 to Isaiah McFadden and Christabelle McFadden, Carousel Circle.

The Whitehall Corp. $16, 750 to William Edward Harris, Barony Dr.

William F. Milliken, $7,500 to Timmons I. Thompson, Belt Line Blvd.

W. F. Graham $11,450 to Wallace T. Alexander and Barbara W. Alexander, Cresthill Dr.

Wallace T. Alexander and Barbara W. Alexander $5 and other valuable consideration and assumption of mortgage to Jane Shuler Watts, Cresthill Dr.

Fred E. Ott and Co., Inc. $25,175 to Floyd Arnold Chase Jr., Dominion Dr.

William S. Northcutt $27,750 to James R. Fedrick and Bernice B. Fedrick, Grand St.

Faith Baptist Church of Columbia $10,000 to Andrew P. Karnazes, Barnwell St.

Elizabeth S. Espedahl $12,000 to Andrew P. Karnazes, Barnwell St.

Chris P. Chappell and Ruth P. Chappell $5 and other valuable considerations to Joseph Henry Hauser and Frances L. Hauser, Richland County.

William Blocker $2,000 to Carolina Investment Corp., Richland County.

Gus W. Postal Construction Co., Inc. $5 and other valuable considerations to Arthur J. E. Yonkers and Marigie D. Yonkers, Cardiff St.

September 13, 1967  Columbia Record (published as THE COLUMBIA RECORD) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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