Walter English Rose


Walter English Rose was born March 31, 1900, in Elgin, Kershaw, South Carolina, a child of Samuel Walter Rose and Dorothy G “Dossie” Percival Rose.


Walter E Rose, 66, of Elgin, died Tuesday afternoon, April 25, 1967 at Providence Hospital following an illness of six months. He was a retired farmer and a member of Union Baptist Church, Elgin.

Surviving were his wife, Mrs. Christine Hornsby Rose; seven daughters, Mrs. Doris Thomas, Atlanta, Ga., Mrs. Carolyn Moak and Mrs. Jean Jeffers, of Elgin, Mrs. Emma Dora Milkesch, St. Louis, Mo., Mrs Vera Nelson and Miss Betty Rose, Elgin, and Mrs. Iris Davis, Columbia; five sons, Coley Rose, Robert Rose, Arlin and Jerry Rose of Elgin and Rose Rose of Augusta; two brothers, Stanley of Camden and Gilyard Rose of Spartanburg: two foster brothers, Eddie Ross, Bayview, and Oscar Ross, Dillon; four sister, Mrs. Leslie Ross, Camden, Mrs. Mattie Ross, Elgin, Mrs Lillie Ross, west Columbia, and Mrs. Elsie  Lineberger, Baltimore, Md., and one foster sister, Mrs. Florrie Mae Windham, Charleston.

Funeral arrangements were incomplete at the time of his obituary.  Friends called at Pascahal Funeral Home. He was buried in Union Baptist Church, Elgin, Kershaw, South Carolina.

Walter E Rose
April 26, 1967 State (published as The State)
Columbia, South Carolina Page 16


On September 6, 1984, Walter English Rose was listed as the deceased husband in the obituary of Mrs. Christine Hazel Hornsby Rose.


On August 13, 2009, Walter English Rose was listed as the deceased father in the obituary of Robert Walter Rose.


On March 15, 2016, Walter E Rose was listed as the deceased father in the obituary of Jerry E. Rose.

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