Promotions in Vocational Education Division Given

Two personnel promotions in the Vocational Education Division of the State Department of Education have been announced by Jesse T Anderson, state superintendent of education.

W. E. Gore, who has served as state supervisor of Vocational Agricultural Education for the past 11 years, was appointed assistant director of vocational education , and P. G. Chastain, assistant state supervisor of agricultural education was advanced to state supervisor.

Both promotions are part of adjustments in the vocational education program that have been underway for some time and addition of new personnel to more effectively meet the changing employment training needs today, Anderson said.

In his new position, Gore will serve as assistant to R. D. Anderson, state director of vocational education.

A native of Loris, Gore received a B. S. degree in Agricultural Education from Clemson College in 1933. He taught vocational agricultural education for ten years in Dillon, Anderson and Chesterfield Counties. He also served as district supervisor of agricultural education, assistant State supervisor, and as executive secretary of the South Carolina Association of Future Farmers of America before becoming State supervisor of agricultural education in December of 1954.

Gore holds a Master of Science degree in vocational agricultural education from Louisiana State University, and Master of Education degree in Public School Administration from the University of South Carolina.

Chastine has more than 30 years of experience in agricultural education. He received his B. S. degree in agricultural education in 1935 from Clemson College and taught at Fairview and Blaney High Schools. He assumed duties as district supervisor of agricultural education in 1946 in the Chester District, and became State supervisor of Agricultural Education in charge of Veteran’s Training in 1948. Since 1948, he has been assistant of State supervisor of Agricultural Education.

Chastain did graduate work at Louisiana State University, and received his Master of Education degree from the University of S. C. in 1950

August 23, 1965  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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