Delaware Observers Witness State’s ETV in Action

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Some 53 Delaware legislative and civic leaders went to the classrooms Tuesday for a close look at South Carolina’s education television system in action.

Apparently, most of them like what they saw.

One of them, Mrs. Nora Handloff, a Delaware civic leader and former French teacher in the public school system there, said she was most impressed by the way in which the pupils in the classroom responded to the television teacher as if she were in the room with them.

Later Tuesday, Delaware secretary of state, Elisha C. Dukes, congratulated South Carolina’s law makers on their interest in educational television.

Your statements mirrored the general sentiment voiced by the members of the delegation who were in Columbia two days to study South Carolina’s educational TV system.

They broke up into small groups Tuesday morning for the classroom tours. Traveling separately, the groups visited TV classrooms at Cardinal Newman High School, C. A. Johnson High School, Crayton Junior High School, Hand Junior High School, Booker T. Washington High School, Blaney High School at Elgin, Dentsville High School, North and Dover High Schools at North, and Swansea and Pinckney High School at Swansea.

Delaware State Superintendent of Education Dr. Richard Gousha said, after watching a session of modern mathematics at Crayton Junior High School, that class proved to him the value of ETV in introducing new subject matter on a mass basis.

And addition to the modern math class is beamed at the students there is also there a series of in-service training classes in the “new” mathematics for the classroom teachers.

One group was especially impressed with achievements of a French class at High School Booker T. Washington High School, taught “jointly” by the ETV teacher, Mrs. Lucy Turney-High, and the classroom teacher, Mrs. Lilease Hall.

After the classroom tours, the group paid a visit to the South Carolina Legislature, were Dukes told the lawmakers that they left South Carolina “with great respect for the efforts you have made in the education field”

Dukes brought greetings from Delaware Gov. Richard Carvel, who had planned to come, but had to cancel.

January 29, 1964  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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