Elgin Plant Contract Goes To M. B. Kahn

Construction on the new Elgin National Watch Co. plant at Blaney will begin this week, the M. B. Kahn Construction Co. of Columbia said Wednesday.

The watch-manufacturing plant will employ about 240 persons. It will have an area of 72,000 square feet and will be of steel frame construction with 12-inch masonry walls.

Irwin Kahn of the firm said specifications call for controlled humidity and air filtration because of the “close tolerance required of Elgin’s precision instruments.”

Elgin decided upon the Blaney location for the plant after exhaustive site studies.

Kahn said the plant was brought to Blaney largely through the efforts of the State Development Board and Kershaw County State Sen. John West of Camden.

September 27, 1962  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 22

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