Blaney Will Stay Blaney

BLANEY – Blaney is Blaney and will stay that way, at least temporarily.

Mayor E. C. Potter said Monday a move to change the name to Elgin has been dropped.

The proposed change, to honor the town’s newest industry, Elgin Watch Co., was opposed in petitions from Lancaster County, which has an unincorporated village named Elgin, about 45 miles from here.

Mayor Potter said , “A majority of the freeholder in town signed a petition calling for a referendum on changing our name, but the town council decided against it, at least for a year.

“We’re going to wait and see what Elgin Watch does for Blaney before we do anything permanent.” he added.

A petition is still circulating in Lancaster County among those who would preserve that county’s community of 1,000 as the only Elgin in South Carolina.

Lancaster County’s Elgin is a station on the Southern Railway, but has no post office.

September 18, 1962  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
Page 13

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