Blaney Citizens Say One ‘Elgin’ Enough

LANCASTER (Special) – The people of Lancaster County welcomed the Elgin National Watch Company into the bordering county of Kershaw and wish for them every success in the town of Blaney – but they do mean Blaney.

Opposition has risen to changing the name from Blaney to Elgin.

Opponents says Lancaster County has a community of approximately 1,000 inhabitants called Elgin, and they don’t want another Elgin on 45 miles away.

A petition is being circulated opposing the change.

THe present Lancaster COunty community of Elgin was named in honor of the Elgin Watch Compnay.

Legend says that when the first railroad tracks were laid through the community the question arose as to what the station should be called.

Being about dinner time, the railroad offical in charge loked at his big pocket watch – an Elgin- and said, “Why Not Elgin?” and it stuck.

Community spirit is high there. Most families own their own homes.

In the June Democratic primary there were 420 voters resigered.

There is no mayor or town council, but there is a community club of which Sammy Harper is president, William Harper is vice president and R. H. Collins is secretary-treasurer.

Funds are now being raised to erect the Elgin Community Center.

Much confusion can be avoided, residents feel, if there is only one Elgin in the state.

September 16, 1962  State (published as The State THE COLUMBIA RECORD)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 12

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