New Plant At Blaney Is Started

Ground Broken In Ceremonies

BLANEY (Special) – Ground was broken here Tuesday for a new pilot plant of the Elgin National Watch Co.

The ceremony included used of a double shoved by Henry M. Margolis, Elgin’s Chairman of the board, and Gov. Ernest F. Hollings.

The watch manufacturing company building will contain approximately 70,000 square feet of floor space. Employes will number some 240 initially, according to Gov. Hollings. He added that beginning operation is now scheduled for January.

“There are so many people and organizations which deserve our genuine thanks in settling this internationally famous firm in our state that it would be impossible to name them all,” Hollings said.

“However,” he added, “Kershaw County Sen. John West deserves special thanks. Not only did he work tirelessly with the people of Kershaw and the State Development Board on this project, but South Carolinians should recall that his interest has been such that in 1959 he was chairman of the General Assembly committee which drafted the legislation reorganizing the present State Development Board, and he and his committee have worked since then studying needs of the Development Board.”

It was also cited that O. Stanley Smith, Jr., both in his capacity as chairman of the South Carolina Technical Education Committee, the existence of which was an instrumental factor in Elgin’s decision to locate in South Carolina, and as president of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, played a major role in Selling South Carolina to Elgin officials.

Richland County Sen. Walter J. Bristow said that “This county’s legislative delegation takes pleasure in welcoming the decision of this high-type company to join in our rapidly expanding industrial complex.”

September 5, 1962  State (published as The State) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
Page 13

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