Ex – Marines Set to Assist Kershaw March of Dimes

CAMDEN – Ten former Marines will walk Saturday for the benefit of the annual March of Dimes.

Gunnery Sgt. Roy Truesdell of Lugoff, a Marine who won the Congressional Medal of Honor during his service, is in charge of the marchers. Assisting him is Marine Recruiting Sgt. Puckett of Columbia.

Three ex-Marines will march to Bethune. They are Beckham Harris, Steve Keloy Kelly and David Norman.

Going to Blaney will be John Cook, Hector DeBruhl and Charles Williams.

Four ex-Marines will walk to Kershaw. They are Charles Armentrout, James L. Bradley, Ted Cobb and J. F. Kelly.

The Camden Military Academy Band will be at the post office here to speed the marchers on their way, as the letters move out at 9 o’clock. Each group of marchers will be carried to the Camden city limits on a firetruck.

Arrangements have been made by Captain R. D. Chafin for the Civil Air Patrol to keep in radio contact with each group of marchers during the day.

Members of the local chapter, Order of DeBolay, will be stationed at spots along each line of march, with buckets to receive donations to the campaign. The youths will be at De Kalb, Westville, Kershaw, Cassatt, Bethune, Lugoff and Blaney. With the town of Bethune a group of Bethune boys will receive donation under the directions of Mr. and Mrs. Stella Bethune.

Rainbow Girls will work the City of Camden for donations. They will be stationed in front of the Piggly Wiggly Store, in the Burndale Shopping Center, which will be general headquarters for the march.

January 5, 1962  Columbia Record (published as THE COLUMBIA RECORD)  Columbia, South Carolina
Page 9

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